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  • Community Interview: Auspex-NL

    Community Interview: Auspex-NL

    Recently a new Blackcoin website has been released. we contacted the developer Auspex-NL. He is main developer of the new betting website for the FIFA World Cup tournament, You can read his thoughts about Blackcoin and the future plans for the website in this interview. Ralph: Hello Auspex-NL, can you please introduce yourself for those

  • Bet on the World Cup with BlackCoin Betting

    Bet on the World Cup with BlackCoin Betting

    Place your bets! There is a service that allows you to use BlackCoin, a proof-of-stake altcoin, to anonymously place bets on World Cup matches. The service, BlackCoin Betting, allows you to use your BlackCoin wallet to send your BlackCoin bets to a large betting pool, where your predictions on the outcomes of World Cup matches will be