International Non-Profit Fighting the Spread of Youth HIV/AIDS Joins the BlackCoin Movement

AIDS Activists Stage Large Demonstration March Outside International AIDS Conference In DC
TeenAIDS, with the help of BlackCoin – team up to fight HIV/AIDS
The 501(c)(3) non-profit TeenAIDS first announced it was accepting tax-deductible donations of BitCoins in 2013. Currently their website carries both the BlackCoin and BitCoin logos. More donations are being contributed to fund the group’s prevention programs for youth at risk. The addition of Blackcoin came after much decision and scrutiny over which alternative digital currencies would remain relevant long enough to increase the chances of the any donations provided to grow in value. Dr. Chittick (the Executive Director of TeenAids) states that “BlackCoin has all the pieces in place, I believe – to become a major player in the Digital Currency space, and our organization is going to be there to bare witness to its growth.” With the help of BlackCoin, Dr. Chittick hopes to crowd source the funds necessary for what he is calling his: “BlackCoins for Africa” initiative. During this trip to a varying conflict nations in Africa, including Sierra Leone; Dr. Chittick hopes to continue his fight against the spread of HIV — and to continue the educate teens on the dangers of STDs, and the importance of regular STD/HIV testing if sexually active.

Quote from Dr. John Chittick: Executive Director, Dr. John B. Chittick (Harvard, MIT) stated, “I believe the future for global humanitarian work is going to be connected to digitized currency. We are betting on BlackCoins and BitCoins to to make a major difference in funding critical initiatives. Traditionally, private support from individuals globally is limited because of current government currency rules and regulations. BlackCoins are a significant game changer.”Dr. Chittick has is an early adopter of digital currency himself, and own Bitcoins and BlackCoins himself, and he can see too can see the power that the Blockchain can bring to humanitarian efforts.5

For more information or if you wish to donate, visit, or To check out some videos about TeenAIDS go: Here

Together, with the help of BlackCoin — TeenAIDS will continue to seeing their vision of awareness and prevention come to fruition.


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