• Introducing: NightTrader! No more middle men.

    Introducing: NightTrader! No more middle men.

    NightTrader: A anonymous decentralized exchange/trading floor with a encrypted messaging system! No longer do you have to worry about an exchange being closed down or the people in charge running away with their pockets full of your money. A procotol that solves a problem about commitment schemes & trustless two-party double-deposit escrow! NightTrader has the

  • Bet on the World Cup with BlackCoin Betting

    Bet on the World Cup with BlackCoin Betting

    Place your bets! There is a service that allows you to use BlackCoin, a proof-of-stake altcoin, to anonymously place bets on World Cup matches. The service, BlackCoin Betting, allows you to use your BlackCoin wallet to send your BlackCoin bets to a large betting pool, where your predictions on the outcomes of World Cup matches will be

  • 14th June: London Blackcoin Meeting

    14th June: London Blackcoin Meeting

    London BlackCoin Meet & Coinkite Demo Saturday 14th June 12pm+ Ecochav: Its fast approaching the meet on Saturday, I hope you are all as excited as I am. The event will be taking place at the Pembury Tavern in Hackney, London. The Pembury Tavern was the first Pub in the UK to start taking Bitcoin

  • Blackcoin Android Wallet

    Blackcoin Android Wallet

    Finally, a wallet for android smartphones has been released! Now you can handle your coins on the go. With super fast transaction times, BlackCoin is the perfect currency for making micropayments as you go. This wallet is a full node client, which means that you will own a copy of the Blockchain on your device,

  • Blackcoin wallpapers

    Blackcoin wallpapers

    Looking for some high quality Blackcoin wallpapers? Thanks to community member 000000Code on reddit! Images are clickable to view the full size image. Smarthphone wallpaper (1080×1920) Desktop wallpaper (2560×1600)  

  • Blackcoin Promotional Video

    Blackcoin Promotional Video video

    What is Blackcoin? Blackcoin is a script based crypto currency that uses a hybrid proof of work/proof of stake technology. Blackcoin was 100% proof of work mined in its first week generating 75 million coins. Large amounts of new coins can’t be mined and dumped on exchanges crashing the price. Expensive energy consuming mining equipment

  • Team Fortress 2 tournament! Win BC Prizes!!

    Team Fortress 2 tournament! Win BC Prizes!!

    Hey guys, This is something I brought up in IRC, and it kind of just got a positive response so I decided to make it official. I was kind of just musing out loud, and people seemed to dig the idea, and even started putting up BC prizes. So I am proud to present to