BlackCoin Multipool

In this category Prisius will posts his articles about his technical analysis/forecasts for Blackcoin.

  • most profitable for the last 28 days most profitable for the last 28 days

    Do you still switch between pools? If you take a look at these profitabilty, be wise and just point your miners to the BlackcoinPool! Since 3 days it is most profitable again, especially for Scrypt Mining. So Asic miners, start mining at the BlackcoinPool! The pool is most profitable for the last 28 days, so no

  • — Translators Needed! — Translators Needed! — Translators Needed! Over the past few months has grown from it’s humble beginnings into one of the fastest growing (and most profitable I’ll add!) multipools. Likewise we have rapidly increased in size and have a very large international community, we are currently in the process of rolling out localization support for our non-native English

  • BlackcoinPool is running over 10 GH/s

    BlackcoinPool is running over 10 GH/s

    BlackcoinPool’s speed has been greatly improved. BlackcoinPool is most profitable for about a week now. We have already seen a boost of the mining power since the API for has been fixed since 3 days ago. Now people can see we beat all the other multipools on profitablity! We are running over 10 GH/s scrypt normalized

  • Update to the KNC Miner promo!

    Update to the KNC Miner promo!

    Another update to the KNC Miner promo!Changes in the hashrate requirements: Originally it was 10GH/s for 15 days, this is going to change a little, including the 5GH/s promo we have promised before, the new requirements are: 5 Days of 5 GH/s* required. 5 Days of 7,5 GH/s* required. 5 Days of 10 GH/s* required

  • BlackCoin Pool KNC Titan Promotional Giveaway, Extravaganza!

    BlackCoin Pool KNC Titan Promotional Giveaway, Extravaganza!

    Are you looking to make all of your cryptocurrency friends green with envy? Wife refusing to let you spend $10k on another one of your ‘toys’? Like to have the most up-to-date, latest and greatest technology and you won’t take ‘No’for an answer? Well, that settles it. The first major BlackCoin Community Incentive is here

  • V2 — “Hello world!” V2 — “Hello world!” now steady, stable and humming along.   Well guys, it’s been a pretty epic journey so far, we’ve had our ups, and our downs, but I am proud to be telling you today, that we have launched the second version of the BlackCoinPool.Com (if you’re a returning visitor, this would be evidenced by all

  • V2 is now available! V2 is now available!

    Finally it is released! The developers of the Blackcoinpool (LDG - Legion Development Group) have updated their servers to the new version of the Blackcoinpool. It has been released now, after long weeks of waiting,  and just some minutes ago released their version 2 of the multipool.   >>>>>>> Check out the new here

  • KNC Miner Promotion starts Today!

    KNC Miner Promotion starts Today!

    You have all been waiting for nearly 3 weeks but it’s finally here, today we will start the lottery system on BlackCoinPool. This is going to work on wallet address and IP basis and we’ll give away tickets to the KNC Miner lottery in the following way: For Scrypt: 250 KH/s – 5 MH/s = 1

  • Blackcoinpool most profitable again!

    Blackcoinpool most profitable again!

    Since is back online, we have the most profitable Multipool again.   As you can see, the Blackcoinpool is back online since 3 days and we have almost 170% profitablity of LTC! Click here The Multipool lost a lot of mining power, but as it is most profitable now, we will see much more people