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  • — Translators Needed! — Translators Needed! — Translators Needed! Over the past few months has grown from it’s humble beginnings into one of the fastest growing (and most profitable I’ll add!) multipools. Likewise we have rapidly increased in size and have a very large international community, we are currently in the process of rolling out localization support for our non-native English

  • BlackcoinPool is running over 10 GH/s

    BlackcoinPool is running over 10 GH/s

    BlackcoinPool’s speed has been greatly improved. BlackcoinPool is most profitable for about a week now. We have already seen a boost of the mining power since the API for has been fixed since 3 days ago. Now people can see we beat all the other multipools on profitablity! We are running over 10 GH/s scrypt normalized