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  • Blackcoin trading on

    Blackcoin trading on

    From now on BC/USD or BC/BTC is available on Try it out to buy or sell your Blackcoins now on this website! It is confirmed on twitter: #blackcoin #zetacoin , @fluttercoin #Novacoin #Asiacoin, #emc2 #Billioncoin #Noblecoin now on @vaultofsatoshi (0.2% fee on C2C) — Vault of Satoshi (@vaultofsatoshi) May 1, 2014  

  • Crypto-currency eyes Cambodia with new terminals

    Crypto-currency eyes Cambodia with new terminals

    Written by Eddie Morton CaMBODIa is proving to be an attractive target for crypto-currencies, with one of the most recently established operators of virtual money declaring their intention to rollout terminals in Phnom Penh this year. Officials of the foundation that founded Blackcoin, a digital-currency formed in February by a Russian developer named rat4, say they have secured the purchase of two