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  • What is BlackCoin?

    What is BlackCoin? video

    The “What is BlackCoin?” video is finally here. If you like the video donate some BlackCoin: BFWfBFL41SufELcLsqK65ta4tDfF3Fczao I have a few more ideas but will need a hand funding them. I hope you enjoy the video. - EcoChav

  • V2 — “Hello world!” V2 — “Hello world!” now steady, stable and humming along.   Well guys, it’s been a pretty epic journey so far, we’ve had our ups, and our downs, but I am proud to be telling you today, that we have launched the second version of the BlackCoinPool.Com (if you’re a returning visitor, this would be evidenced by all

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 30

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 30

    MUSICAL CHAIRS - WHERE IS THE BTC?? BTW this was yesterdays report but the site was down so I am posting tonight! I had a little bit of time yesterday to watch the alt-markets. .. A selling wave hit BC and all of its clones, this may have shocked some of you BlackCoin supporters. This

  • BlackCast #2

      This week only: KNC miner promotion threshold to get tickets for the 300Mh/s mining monster, lowered to 5 Gh/s. 

  • V2 is now available! V2 is now available!

    Finally it is released! The developers of the Blackcoinpool (LDG - Legion Development Group) have updated their servers to the new version of the Blackcoinpool. It has been released now, after long weeks of waiting,  and just some minutes ago released their version 2 of the multipool.   >>>>>>> Check out the new here

  • Blackcoin Community Reaches out to China.

    Blackcoin Community Reaches out to China.

    China bans Bitcoin, a new opportunity for Blackcoin thanks to community member EcoChav who worked on a translation to potential Chinese investors. Feel free to post this on any Chinese website. What is BlackCoin? 什么叫“黑币” Blackcoin is an amazing new innovation in digital currencies. It is a decentralized currency that boasts a public ledger that

  • BlackCast #2 - This Monday!

    BlackCast #2 - Your Host Wizfarm with: Soepkip, Maarx, TheDogeofWallSt and very maybe a Special Guest! - This Monday we are planning to do the second BlackCoin BlackCast. We will have Soepkip, Maarx and TheDoge as guests and very maybe we’ll add a special guest that has great experience with exchanges. We will answer less

  • Blackcoin Foundation

    Blackcoin Foundation

      The Blackcoin Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding the blockchain and is actively supporting developers in order to do so. Furthermore, the Blackcoin Foundation aims to organise the community’s efforts in making Blackcoin a leading globally accepted currency and represents Blackcoin towards the world. Why do we need a foundation? 1. Safeguarding the blockchain The