Coinkite adds Blackcoin!

Yesterday was a great day for BlackCoin. When we found out that Coinkite had an altcoin roadmap, we immediately asked them to list BlackCoin. We then started collecting the required 25 BTC worth of BlackCoin. Within 24 hours of being listed, with the help of our community, and even Mintpal, we reached target (a total of 265,372 BC was donated). Soon after, Coinkite announced BlackCoin as the official contest winner:

Coinkite has confirmed they will add us by June 1st this year.

What is Coinkite?” you may be asking yourself and, more importantly “Why is it important?“. Coinkite boasts three main services: Web Wallets, Debit Cards and Payment Terminals (also known as Point of Sale devices). In one fell swoop Coinkite will make BlackCoin available on a secure Web Wallet service, add BlackCoin to Debit Cards and, most interesting, get us accepted in actual Brick & Mortar shops. This means that you can ask you favorite shops locally to start supporting BlackCoin with just simply getting a Coinkite Point of Sale device. Not only will they be able to accept BlackCoin, but also Bitcoin and Litecoin are available on these systems. Come June 1st they will be able to easily add BlackCoin to their Coinkite systems!

We at BlackCoin are extremely excited to have been added to Coinkite’s services. We are the first ever pure Proof-Of-Stake coin to get added to a Point of Sale service and we feel that affiliation with Coinkite can only make us grow bigger. BlackCoin is as of today only 45 days old and already to be on Point of Sale systems! If you want to support BlackCoin, go to your favorite Brick & Mortar shop and talk to them about accepting BlackCoin. With Coinkite it will be as easy as it can be for them!

Addition of BLK
In order to get added to Coinkite we had to comply with an ISO 3 letter ticker symbol. Although BC is unique it may be confusing for customers down the line. This is why we choose to use BLK as addition to the current BC. Both are officially accepted as ticker symbols for BlackCoin. If you want to avoid confusing we recommend using BLK.

We want to thank our community and Mintpal for making this happen!

Further information:

Coinkite Altcoin Roadmap

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