BitHalo / BlackHalo Whitepaper/Documentation is now public.

In order to better explain the protocol, I have quickly thrown together a website and edited my documentation and whitepaper for first draft and unofficial release. I realized it was important and it will save me time explaining so I have to publish it today on the 29th. I will make this paper public so people can better understand what has gotten me and a few others so energized. The innovation was not really the smart contract client but the contract and naive protocols proposed within it. Not only does this protocol solve the issues on the “smart contracts” wiki page for Bitcoin (in more than one way) but it solves an age old problem of theft, dishonesty and middle men. It will help answer your questions. Anyone who got sent the paper privately will want to read this one with updated edits. As cryptographers will see, this set of solutions is actually very simple in theory and it expands beyond the realm of cryptography.

Ok so visit and the whitepaper is linked to on that page.

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!