Blackcoin Community Reaches out to China.

China bans Bitcoin, a new opportunity for Blackcoin thanks to community member EcoChav who worked on a translation to potential Chinese investors. Feel free to post this on any Chinese website.

What is BlackCoin? 什么叫“黑币”

Blackcoin is an amazing new innovation in digital currencies. It is a decentralized currency that boasts a public ledger that is auditable by anyone. 黑币是一种新型电子货币。它可以在分散在公共账户里被所有人审计的一种货币。

Blackcoin transactions are processed by a network of thousands of computers located globally. 黑币是通过全球成千上万的电脑组成的一个网络平台进行交易的

To incentivise users have their computers process transactions, 1% yearly interest compounded daily is awarded. 为了鼓励用户通过电脑进行转账交易,通常每天可获得每年1%的年息复利。

The dedicated development team and passionate community are always coming up with new and innovative ideas to widen the currency’s distribution and increase merchant adoption. 专门的队伍和富有激情的团队经常会想出新的具有创新的方法来增加货币的发散量,提高商业利用

Blackcoin’s growth is also supported by the “Black Coin Pool”, a group which contains thousands of investors who have dedicated themselves to buying Blackcoin daily using their mining equipment. 黑币的发展也依托”黑币矿池“的支持。这是一个由成千上万的投资者组成的团队,他们是利用自己的挖矿设备通过挖矿来购买黑币的投资者。

Online payments processor “Coinkite” has added Blackcoin to their payment options. They are distributing Point of Sale devices for brick and mortar merchants which makes it easy for these merchants to accept payments in Blackcoin without having to worry about conversion to their local currencies. 在线付款方式“coinkite”已经添加黑币作为他们的一种支付方式。他们为传统商人分发销售点设备,这样可以使这些商人很容易的接受黑币作为支付方式,而不用担心怎样转换成本国货币。

In the past few months, the value of a Blackcoin has increased from 0.0025 cent in march to 13 cents in may 2014. There are currently 75 million Blackcoins in circulation currently being used by 12000 users. 在过去的几个月中,截止到2014年5月,黑币的价值从$0.0025增长到了$0.13。目前有7500万的黑币在12000的用户手中流通

Blackcoin is also energy efficient and greener than most other coins.黑币也比其他货币更快速,更环保

With the guaranteed support of Blackcoin’s growth, early interest, fast transaction speeds and the active development team, Blackcoin is the perfect long term investment. 因为有可观的利息,快速增长率,快速交易和精明的团队,黑币不失为一个完美的长期投资模式

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