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This is an outline of what my wife and I have been planning for a few weeks. Please take a few minutes to read.

I have been promising something big in May, and today I have decided to present my project to the community so together we can make it a reality! My wife and I have been working on this project behind the scenes, and it has never been done before in crypto. We want BlackCoin to be the first Cypto Currency to pull it off!

So what is the big idea?

We want to hire 50 attractive women dressed in BlackCoin T-Shirts, and for 2 hours these women will converge on Wall Street and hand out Wall Street Edition BlackCoin cards and sell sheets describing BlackCoin.

Everything I have asked this community to do has lead us to this moment and now it is time to explain my master plan.

1. I rallied this community together to fund the press release projects so we can introduce the BlackCoin brand to mainstream media outlets, and at the same time learn how to focus our energy towards a single objective.

2. I created the BlackCoin card because I knew in the future we needed something “physical” to allow people to touch and feel. It is hard to get people to believe in something that only exists virtually. The cards are loaded with software that will make it easy to buy, manage, and trade BlackCoins.

3. I rallied this community to contact strategic companies like Vault Of Satoshi because I knew for us to succeed we needed a direct Fiat to BC service here in North America.

4. Now that step 1 -3 has been accomplished, everything is in place for the main event.

What will the main event accomplish?

This plan is to kill 3 birds with one stone.

a. The cards and sell sheets will introduce new investors to BC. Although Wall Street is the location we do not care if “whales” on Wall Street invests in BC or not. Wall Street is just the backdrop. We want BC to be associated with wealth!

b. We will attract the attention of mainstream media. Not everyday 50 beautiful women dressed alike converge on Wall Street. The event will be covered by local and international media outlets. My wife will be calling media outlets the day before and during the event.

c. We will be making crypto history and we will show the rest of the crypto community how determined we are to make BlackCoin #1.

What is needed to make this a success?

Casting studio rental for day (Cast girls for rvent)
50 Girls for 2 hours
50 T-Shirts
Water For Girls
1000 Cards + Retail Packaging
1000 Sell Sheets
Misc expenses: transportation..snacks…etc..etc

Total budget: $9540
Approximately 73,000 BC at the current exchange rate.

Note: I am not profiting off the cards we get made for this event, these will be community made cards at the wholesale factory price. I set 1000 cards as the minimum, but if we can raise more than $9540 I will get as many cards made as the donations allow.

Note: If we can raise $12,000 or more I will be able to hire a professional camera crew to follow the girls around. We can use that video to plaster all over the web and go viral!

This community has wanted something huge and I strongly believe this is what we need. Our recent partnerships with various companies have been great to make BC stronger, but it has done very little to get the “BlackCoin brand out to the mainstream. We can have all the partnerships in the world, but if no one knows about us then partnerships mean very little. I think this event will give us the most ROI, and this will be the tipping point for BlackCoin.

To make this happen we need to raise the money by May 17th, and my wife and I would like to do the event either the 29th or the 30th of May. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and all comments and suggestions are welcome since it will take this entire community to make this happen.

Below is the donation address (Please make sure you use the addresses from this original post or my signature only. Previously scammers have attempted to replace donation addresses with their own addresses when replying to the post.

BC Contribution Address: BQQsUdYaqCGUDhdXPADto1gKwvEA2a92TP

As suggested I have added other coin addresses:

BTC: 12jhNVMj5kk7akem2wxDwnpQvGdro3NzJ4
LTC: LT4hiypMuPLYQT2gu3gdMjvAMqhC1w12yJ

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