Blackcoin video contest

The BlackCoin community is filled with some of the most creative people in crypto, and now we you will be rewarded for your creativity!!! 

Starting today we invite you to create a 30+ second video about BlackCoin. It can by anything you like, you decide!!! All entries must be entered by Friday May 2nd to qualify. On May 3rd we will post the list of all entries and allow the community to vote. On Monday May 5th the winners will be announced!!!

First prize: 1000BC and a Limited Edition BC Card.
Second Prize: 500BC and a First Edition BC Card.
Third Prize: 250BC and a First Edition BC Card.

Please contact IconicExpert with the link to your video so you can be entered. Cutoff time to submit your video is May 2nd 11:59PM EST (NYC Time)!!!

You can contact him here.


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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!