is a new website where companies or merchants can register their websites. After they have registered their website, they will be visible on the world map.

I have spoken to the developer and he was really enthusiastic about his website and the future:

I put the site together after suggesting to Soepkip that I’d like to contribute something. He mentioned that there were a few ideas in the pipeline, one of which was something like, but he thought someone was taking care of that. A few days later the subject came up elsewhere, and Soepkip said he’d not heard anything from the developer after a couple of weeks had passed. I was between jobs, so said I’d put something together.

The only real ‘feature’ at the moment is the simple search.

I build mostly private systems for people who, generally, aren’t great with computers. There are lots of people like this. They don’t want to have to think like a programmer to get something to do a job. Ultimately, if cryptocurrency is to gain any sort of wider traction, the people who just want to click a button and for something to happen are going to have to adopt it. is ( I hope ) for these people. It’s tempting, as a programmer, to introduce a classification tier into the database ( what type of business are you etc ), to start organising it into a prescriptive structure. But that’s not how most people think. They don’t think ‘I want a pair of socks, so let me see, first I need to choose ‘clothing store’ from the main list, then undergarments from the subsequent submenu, and then socks from the third set of options’.

No, they want to write ‘socks’ into a box and hit Submit.

That’s not a big request, we can do that ( although we do have to remind people who sell socks to mention socks in their description ! )

Someone suggested we should allow businesses to indicate whether they are hooked up with CoinKite ( when that happens ), so as to filter just those businesses who offer to buy/sell BlackCoin. Maybe. But then you see that’s the first step. That’s the first division of the data set, a division that you have arbitrarilly created. Who’s to say that this is any more important than an outlet that sells socks in return for BlackCoin ? Where do you stop dividing ? I get tired of dividing. The users can decide how they want to filter the results, by entering the relevant words. I reckon I’ll probably just leave the site as it is, save for some styling tweaks maybe, but who knows ?


The site looks great and you can see some merchants already have registered on the website. For merchants it is easy to register your website, for buyers it is easy to search for anything you want to buy.

Check it out here on

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