“The Blackdoge of Wallstreet” launched!

What is “TheBlackDogeOfWallStreet“?

“The Doge”™ guarantees that the bubble on average will increase by at least a 30% gain, however it can increase by much more. “The Doge”™ is the biggest whale on the market but he can’t increase the speculation value without you! Help him pump the bubble and inflate the stock price and he guarantees you a handsome percent of the profits every time another eager investor buys in. Reel one in and you’ll get a cut of the share. So what’s the catch? all “The Doge”™ asks from you is a small cut of the action (see fees).

Once you register you’ll be able to start trading. There are five different trades to choose from the only thing that seperates them is the length and the payout. There are no limits as to how much BlackCoin a single trade can payout. Just remember when that timer reaches zero its over and the bubble bursts, causing it to plummet back to its initial price.

How to play?

So you’re registered and ready to make some BlackCoin. First go to a bidding page, we recommend the Pink Trade if you’re new. Each page has the following elements, a payment address, current bubble price, trade status, and a countdown timer.

To buy into the bubble price you’ll need to send BlackCoin to “The Doge”™, copy his BlackCoin wallet address into your address book. Below that is the current bubble price, but first check the trade status to see if bidding is open. If bidding is not currently open, you will need to wait before you can send anything. If the status allows bidding, send the bubble amount to “The Doge”™ as quickly as possible. Once thats done you’ll get a notification on your screen if your BlackCoin was received. The trade will pause and calculate the Majority Stock Holder before moving on to the next round. Please note, that the current bubble amount, is displayed as an image, to prevent automation and bots from gaming the system.

Investors are selected on a first come first serve basis. That means if your payment was sent later than someone else you will not become the Majority Stock Holder. You will get a refund if this happens, but be aware that a 2 BlackCoin transaction fee will be applied. When the Majority Stock Holder has been chosen, the timer will restart and the next round begins. If you are the last Majority Stock Holder when the timer reaches zero, the bubble bursts, and you will not be able to recoup your investment. A new round of investment will soon be started thereafter.

If you’re a Majority Stock Holder, and some one pumps the bubble after you, you will receive a handsome payout as soon as the next Majority Stock Holder is confirmed. You may check your transaction history, under the “My Account” section of the website.

Trade Types

Pink Trades10 MinutesGet a feel for trading, but don’t be expecting huge payouts.
Orange Trades30 MinutesThese are still penny stocks, but more time means more BlackCoin.
Green Trades1 HourTry and get the most bang for your BlackCoin. The stakes are higher and so are the payouts.
Blue Trades3 HoursFor the more advanced trader. Just remember that you can still lose and this time it’ll hurt.
Gold Trades6 HoursThe longest and most expensive. Play with your brain not your wallet and you’ll be fine.

Remember you are playing with real Blackcoins, you can win real Blackcoins but you can lose some too! Don’t become an gamble addict!

Playing the Doge of Wall Street is a highly risky move. Remember that you can lose, and it will hurt. We are not responsible for lost or embezzled funds with the exception of refunds or payment failures. 


Check it out !

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!