Dutch mining webshop USBMiners.nl accepts Blackcoins

Dutch mining webshop USBminers.nl has started accepting payment in Dogecoins, Litecoins but more important also in Blackcoins. The webshop has been able to implement this by using the payment provider Coinpayments.net.

Adding three new coins as payment, why did they choose for Blackcoin? When we asked for a comment the owner Jeroen de Waal said:

“We started accepting Bitcoins a long time ago, the next logical step was accepting Litecoins . We received a request from the community to also accept Dogecoin, after some consideration, we added Dogecoin support aswell. At that point I wanted to add Blackcoin. Blackcoin is the coin I’m currently ‘mining’ through the blackcoinpool.com. It’s my personal opinion this coin could become a very big coin in the future. The community is great and the developers are actively working on it. It did not take long to convince myself to start accepting Blackcoin payments on my website.”


One of the items they are selling is the new 60 MH/s scrypt miner, listed at their site for €10.000 incl. VAT in EU, but after speaking with them, they added a discountcoupon, the couponcode ‘DailyBC’ makes this miner available at a price of €9.750 including VAT. If you are outside of the EU the listed price is €8057 including the discount.

The price is now, including EU vat 7999, excluding vat the price is 6610. The DailyBC coupon code is still valid for a 2.5% extra discount.

Click here for the 60 MH/s Scrypt miner

Dont forget to use the couponcode “DailyBC” when ordering!

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One comment
  1. Jeroen de Waal

    April 24, 2014 at 15:27

    Good news, a good deal has been made with the manufacturer. The price just dropped by a whole €2000.

    The price is now, including EU vat €7999, excluding vat the price is €6610. The DailyBC coupon code is still valid for a 2.5% extra discount.