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  • HOW TO: Stake your Blackcoins

    HOW TO: Stake your Blackcoins

    HOW TO: Staking with your Blackcoin Wallet   1.Open your BlackCoin wallet. 2.Make sure you have BlackCoins in your wallet. Staking is a process of earning interest on your holdings. You need holdings first! 3.Wait for the BlackCoin wallet to sync. The blockchain must finish syncing before you can begin staking. 4.Unlock the wallet. Unlocking

  • needs content! needs content!

    Maarx: Hi everyone, For all our friends, who have no idea how to buy blackcoin, the community came up with a website to hold their hand: This website will contain guides for every country on how to buy blackcoin there. Please check it out and help in content creation or translation! There is a