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So the market has been trending down and finally today I had enough time to try to find the Eliot Waves to try to predict the next move, or to try to spot a new upward trend. I don’t have a lot of experience with Eliot Waves but l was able to find the following waves which seem to follow (most of) the Eliot wave rules for a down trend:

1. Typical five waves down and three waves up
2. Waves 1, 3, 5 are downtrend and waves 2, 4 are up trends
3. Wave 3 cannot be the shortest

Note that the first bull wave 1 through five follows exactly all of the Eliot Wave rules forming a perfect example for waves 1 though 5.

We can see that right after wave 5 the retracement was at the 61.8% but the subsequent waves did not confirm a continuation of the up-trend. Therefore I drew a new possible 5 wave downtrend. These waves did not follow some of the rules but I drew them anyway.

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Note that this first 5 waves in downtrend were followed by the expected A-B-C rebound, confirming the trend.  The next 5 waves in downtrend continued and ended in A which it was not very clear as to what type of it was.

So I zoomed in to the 5 min chart to see if I could be a new wave trend at the end

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In this portion of the trend I could identify four more downward waves and fifth wave was yet to be confirmed. By the time I had finished doing the graph the wave 5 had taken the price down to new lows!

Notice on the next graph if you use the Fib Extension tool on wave 4 you would have two possible target prices, one at 25.3K and a second at 24.3K

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The price actually reached 24.64K. So remember that you can predict the next wave move using Fib Extension of the previous wave.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the Elitot Waves but there are many times when these waves can be clearly identified. Use the different time scales to look for these waves.

So it is late now and I must go to sleep!  I leave you with this last image.  Is this the beginning of 5 wave uptrend?

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