BlackCoin: Garnering Investor Trust Through Transparency, Due Diligence


BlackCoin, that’s a coin name worth remembering. During its short time since its inception, BlackCoin has shown us all that the world of alternate digital currencies isn’t as large and endless as it may have once seemed. New standards are keeping the amateurs at bay as communities like BlackCoin are banding together in a start-up like manner in an attempt to stay agile and ahead of the curve in this highly-competitive market. Here is the wild west of digital currency, where in a day you can go from the top of the market cap (possibly the victim in a routine pump and dump), down to the bottom of the barrel, barely scraping up and trading at a fraction of your original value in a matter of hours. Those “flash-coins” — so to speak– are on their way out the door, as big business (and small), decide to dip their toes into the uncharted territory of digital currencies; as well as some individuals who are not afraid to show their face for the sake of  transparency and their investment. Also, because of their added push for professionalism, and associating itself with high-end luxury. BlackCoin has poised itself to get the attention of some great mover and shakers early on, which lead us  to one of the major ways BlackCoin is attempting to differentiate itself in this highly competitive market…

Aside from hiring a major Public Relations firm, Max Borges Agency (… Hold on, wait? No one told you? Oh, BlackCoin a hired a professional Public Relations firm, one who has a history of representing tech-related companies such as:  ARCHOS, Marshall Headphones, LifeProof ( Who do you know with a LifeProof case? Hmm..), MSI, Philips, ThinkGeek, Verbatim – *phew*- the list goes on. That’s crazy. And, they’re going to be representing BlackCoin in the media, in an effort to help get the word out on all the awesome stuff the development team, community, and the BlackCoin Foundation (, they are all working on diligently each and everyday. Everyday something new comes out of the BlackCoin front, with new infrastructure and ways to inject even more value into BlackCoin than ever before. With new sites offering services for BlackCoin, such as:,, BlkChain.Info, — just to name a few; new services and portals for BlackCoin pop online on a seemingly regular basis. New developers and savvy investors are creating valuable infrastructure that will help make them leaders in the BlackCoin space as it grows and expands increasingly faster with every new member. Also, with the help of the Max Borges Agency (MBA),  BlackCoin will surely have a heavy new slew of investors hopping on board soon during the length of the campaign. MBA recently did a Reddit AMA live on the official BlackCoin subreddit with Melissa Doval, MBA’s VP of Finance, so as to answer any questions regarding the firms plans moving forward with the campaign. Below are a few major highlights with some questions and MBA’s responses from the AMA.

Q: Kekshuker: In your opinion, who should blackcoin market itself to?

A: Melissa: Thanks for your question, keshuker. MBA will be targeting people who currently own digital currency in addition to tech-savvy individuals who like the idea of owning a digital currency but don’t want to buy into the tail end of the BTC bubble. We also plan to target individuals looking for alternative investments and retailers open to accepting a digital currency

Q: Hbhades: What is your first step to building our reputation? And will you be targeting crypto currency users or normal people?

A: Melissa: Our first step to building the Blackcoin reputation will be to highlight its strengths, such as 1. only three months and already top 10 in market cap, 2. ideas based on original bitcoin protocol but made faster/more secure through proof of stake, and 3. the strength and transparency of the Blackcoin community.

Q: Zaphod42: Do you guys have a plan in place already? Or are you creating the plan as you go based on community response to the process?

A: Melissa: Thanks for your question, zaphod42. We are creating the plan based on our Public Relations expertise. As the coin/community evolve, we are prepared to update our strategy.

Q: BcBlade: 

1) Based off initial impressions of BlackCoin, from the technical standpoint, is there anything MBA believes BlackCoin developers should be working on specifically? For example, the main developer is constantly working on security updates for BlackCoin, and we have a developer working on an android wallet (which could integrate very with CoinKite), as well as constant improvements being made to the BlackCoin mining pools. Should of any these receive particular focus or may there something else that MBA believes BlackCoin technical developers should be focusing on?

2) Does MBA have any plans to invest in and promote BlackCoin beyond what the community is paying it to do? Or is it still too early to ask?

A: Melissa: Thanks for your question, bcblade.

1.) As an agency, we believe that the Foundation should continue to strive to make BlackCoin the most transparent and accessible digital currency, this means continuing to improve security to increase investor confidence as well as drawing in new people to invest in digital currency.

2.) We currently plan to hold our BlackCoin at minimum through the end of the campaign.

Q: Noerc: How will you try to separate BlackCoin from other proof-of-stake crypto currencies?

A: Melissa: Thanks for your question, noerc. We will focus on promoting the tremendous community support that Blackcoin has. In addition to that, Blackcoin was designed for day to day transaction which gives it advantages in speed as compared to other proof of stake currencies.

The rest of the AMA can be found, here.

From the sounds of it, it looks like BlackCoin’s transparency: speedy transaction times, security, BlackCoin’s awesome community, and the furious keystrokes of an equally talented programmer who goes by the name, ‘Rat4′ – the secret behind BlackCoin’s PoS implementation and overall development. Together those integral pieces combined create the perfect formula for long-term growth. Also, one of the few chances where your odds of exponential returns on your early investment can be equal or greater to that of Bitcoin, in time. If you missed the Bitcoin boom, you’d be a fool to miss the BlackCoin explosion… Now the only thing left to do would be to have some sort of method for getting the word out to interested parties in BlackCoin, but without the learning curve of doing their own research. Also, without the risk of having to work about whether BlackCoin is just another pump and dump that they have to keep a careful watch on, careful as to not lose everything. Nope, that isn’t the case with BlackCoin, every coin purchased is a long term bet that great community can make or break a coin (I.E. Bitcoin). And, if you’re going to be putting you’re money into something, as a smart investor you’ll probably do a situational analysis to see if the community at large is doing everything it takes to make BlackCoin great. That’s where the BlackCast comes in.

The BlackCast ( is a site where developers and investors in the community can join in for a live stream of all the new up and coming developments coming out of the BlackCoin development front, be a part of giveaways ( last BlackCast over 1750 BlackCoin were given away thanks to the help of some great donors!), but also see the faces of the people who are working to help make your investment grow. The BlackCast gives you a chance to see the humanizing features behind BlackCoin; everyone is such a unique part of the team. Shouldn’t you be able to see, listen, and discuss ways to help make your investment more lucrative? Why not with every BlackCast? Becoming a part of this community is not just about making money, it’s about lessons in leadership, cohesion, and coming together for what you believe to be a great innovation in the digital currency space! TheBlackCast has featured some great stuff so far. There have been 2 BlackCasts to date. The first 2 were mostly informational, answering community questions from the Reddit, and giving everyone an overall view of the plans going on in the backend. There was a special guest on the most recent BlackCast (#2), moderator and support specialist, ‘Horus’, from Crypsty paid a special visit where he discussed Crypsty’s plans to join to USD dollar market, with talks of a BlackCoin/USD pair possibly rearing it’s head in the very near future (BlackCoin can already be exchanged for fiat on Prelude,, Vault Of Satoshi, BTer, and Bittylicious). It was great to see someone from a popular digital currency trading exchange  take the time to come in and help lead a discussion on BlackCoin and its future; that just goes to show just how seriously people are taking BlackCoin as a competitor to the top leading coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin).

BlackCoin’s strategy for differentiation doesn’t just stop there, in an humanitarian effort to help increase the knowledge of BlackCoin amongst larger investing groups, and to show the digital currency marketplace that they mean business, they decided to go a new route that no alternative currency has gone before; BlackCoin has joined the fight against HIV/AIDS by partnering with the non-profit organization TeenAIDS. This all further highlights BlackCoins effort to continue bringing great change, but through awareness. Partnering with new firms and organization such as TeenAids helps to differentiate BlackCoin’s innovations as that is tantamount to getting continued industry interest. Taken from TeenAIDS official website (

We are an all volunteer run non-profit organization aimed at disseminating information to teens about HIV/AIDS. Former Harvard lecturer Dr. John Chittick first set up an educational website for teens in 1994, and formally incorporated TeenAIDS in 1997. TeenAIDS-PeerCorps is dedicated to education youth in Hampton Roads, Virginia and around the world about their HIV/AIDS risk, how to prevent transmission, their rights to get tested, and how to spread the word among their peer group to save lives.

Since the advent of AIDS, millions have been infected by HIV and have died (sic). No vaccine or cure exists. Currently, sexually active teens are at greatest risk when they choose unwisely to have unprotected sexual intercourse.Dr. John first met youth living with AIDS in the 1980s and their hopeless situation struck his conscience. After much thought, he left behind his home, family and business in 1998 to embark on a humanitarian mission to save young lives. These became the first Global AIDS Walks by a trained expert to educate vulnerable teens, sharing best practices between cultures and regions. Our goal is to empower a growing worldwide cadre of volunteer PeerCorps youth to spread the life-saving message to their young friends and neighbors. Because traditional prevention programs have lost their efficacy as evidenced by rising numbers of HIV-positive youth, a dramatic campaign is needed to enlist adolescents’ proactive support for this most serious problem facing their generation and that of their future babies. Recently, with the advent of over the counter sale of home HIV test kits in the United States in 2012, TA-PC has introduced an innovative prevention technique: the “live” public testing of youth among peers (sic.

BlackCoin’s partnership with a non-profit like TeenAIDS is  in what the added value of BlackCoin can do for non-profit organizations. Together, as BlackCoin grows in price and strength and as more individuals adopt BlackCoin, the donations that receives will grow over time. Allowing Dr. Chittick and his organization a unique opportunity to be a part of something new and exciting. As well as a chance for his all volunteer and internship based employees to spread the word even faster as they are in a unique position to watch the generosity of others grow, and that will allow the organization to do far greater good for the world, and their mission. Dr. Chittick is currently hoping to gather enough funds to help fund TeenAIDS next trip which will be to Sierra Leone and varying conflict nations in that region to help spread awareness of HIV, AIDS, and STD screening for teens, and adults alike. Also, the future of digital currency lies in the hands of todays youth who are going to inevitably improve upon everything we have managed to create in this infant industry so far — what better way than to get them familiar with it sooner? All the while learning more about safe sex, and healthy choices.

If you’re curious to donate or want to learn more about how you can help:

BlackCoin is seeing support from every angle, with their push to remain transparent and versatile, BlackCoin could be a huge boon for small, and large businesses as its structure and image are perfect for fast transactions, and quick merchant adoption (CoinKite, starting June 1st, will be accepting BlackCoin as a payment method). It’s easy to see where and how all the hype around BlackCoin is built, and with the help of MBA, The BlackCast, CoinKite integration, and BlackCoin’s community efforts seemingly increasing by the day, it’d be a shame if you didn’t pop in and see what you’re missing. Luckily, it’s still very early to join in on the fun, and with continued due diligence, the fortune.

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