Blackcoin Wallet Version 1.0.6 released


Today we are releasing the next version of the BlackCoin wallet software. This is not a mandatory update, but we recommend you do so anyhow. One feature requested by the community is the ‘Total Balance’ feature. Users got confused by their ‘balance’ being less than they actually have by those coins being in the staking portion of the wallet. Now you’ll see the Total Balance which will show the same regardless of coins staking or not. We also added extra security for those staking by making sure the Unlock Wallet option only unlocks for staking (your passphrase will still be needed for sending coins and other actions). Also added is an easy Lock Wallet feature in the menu if you want to lock the wallet again.

More professional features like synctime (Sync time with other nodes, can be disabled if your systemtime is precise) and alertnotify, (-alertnofity=) this executes a command when a relevant alert is received through the system, have been added. Next to that we now have dns seeds which should improve overall inter-network connectivity, irc seeding is now disabled by default.

With BlackCoin becoming more and more popular we decided to start translating the BlackCoin client. The community came together to provide us with a bunch of translations. In total 36 new languages have been added, with Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish, Chinese (China/Simplified), Finnish, Russian, Danish, Romanian, Slovak and Slovenian fully translated. If your language has not yet been fully translated please contact us in IRC if you want to help out. We are aiming to add more translations over time.

Mac Wallet update is delayed.

Total list of updates in v 1.6:

- accounting api deprecated and disabled by default
- new command getstakinginfo
- fix command resendtx
- new option alertnotify
- new option synctime
- added dns seeds, irc seeding disabled by default
- unlock for staking only in gui
- add menu item for locking wallet
- gui: add total balance
- translations

* Translations are Community made, if you see errors please notify us.

Download the wallet at the official website here!

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My name is Ralph. I am founder of The reason why i started with this website is because i wanted to create a news portal where people come every day such as Wallstreet Journal.
  1. Justin

    April 21, 2014 at 19:29

    Hi Ralph, I noticed that Portuguese is not listed as a language that you have translated. I am an English to Portuguese translator, and I’m willing to help translate for you! Do you offer compensation for the translations? Let me know.

    • RalphCoin


      April 21, 2014 at 21:21

      Hello Justin,
      I only translated english-dutch. You should try contact the developers. You can contact them in the IRC #blackcoinpool!