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What is Blackcoin?

Blackcoin is a script based crypto currency that uses a hybrid proof of work/proof of stake technology. Blackcoin was 100% proof of work mined in its first week generating 75 million coins. Large amounts of new coins can’t be mined and dumped on exchanges crashing the price. Expensive energy consuming mining equipment can no longer be used to generate coins also making it better for the environment.

Blackcoin is now in its proof of stake stage which means transaction times are only 10 seconds, coin holders get 1% annual interest and it’s extremely secure.

The dedicated development team and passionate community are allways coming up with new and innovative ideas to help the coin grow.

A Blackcoin mining pool was created in which users club together to mine the current most profitable coin which is then traded in for blackcoins which are then sent to the users wallet. Coins are constantly being bought adding to its value and creating steady growth. The mining pool now supports a coin technology called 11x which means far less electricity is used making it energy efficient and greener.

A Blackcoin debit style card has been created making it easy for people new to Blackcoin to use. The coin card has a pull out usb chip which when plugged into a Windows computer opens up an easy to use interface. The user can then navigate to their Blackcoin wallet, buy or sell coins, check prices and related news.

Crypto currency online payments processor “CoinKite”, will be adding Blackcoin to their list of accepted crypto currencies. Coinkite have created a point of sale terminal which makes it easy for bricks and mortar merchants to accept Blackcoin as well as online crypto payments

The dedicated blackcoin community has created Blacksheild which helps reduce large amounts of coins being sold all at once protecting it from price crashes.

Blackcoin has caused quite a stir in the crypto currency world seeing a rise in value from x£ to x£ in the past few months.

Blackcoin is perfect for point of sales use with its 10 second transaction times and CoinKite partnership. The combination of 1% interest, the blackcoin pool and blackshield also make it perfect for long term investment.

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!