BlackCoin Seeks Top Web Designers for Secret, Project Gotham


Attention digital currency world; a group of BlackCoin developers needs a hero. They are looking to find top graphic designing talent for a new project they are coining: “Project Gotham”. They are seeking a hero that can work with a A+ group of developers; they need Batmen, not Jokers, to help them implement their project. Without spilling too much detail as to what specifically will be going on in Project Gotham, heres a little scoop on the project:

Project Gotham: Community/Social Hub
Project Status: Alpha

Objective: Help to create/design a hub for information regarding BlackCoin and other BlackCoin related entities in a centralized location for mass surveillance of all BlackCoin related activities and metrics. This will be a very lean/minimalist site; they site design must be able to scale accordingly with the criteria we will discuss with you in detail.

What’s Needed:

-Passion for BlackCoin’s success

-History of fluid and responsive design

-A wide gambit of expertise in simplicity, and responsiveness

-In-depth and vigorous web design experience

-Ability to work with a team, and work towards a unique shared goal/vision

-You’re an overall nice person; the type that returns their grocery carts after shopping :)

-You like making money (none of that gross fiat, though)

Are you the hero that Project Gotham needs? Are the hero they deserve? You can contact one of the developers for the project below. Just include a few images or links to examples to some work you have done in the past — and they will get back to you with details if they think you’ve got the chops for the job.

Why are you waiting? Make a submission now! Gotham needs a hero!

Project Gotham Developer Contact:

Maarx (BlackCoin Foundation) : [email protected]

McKie (BlackCoin Community): [email protected]

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