The BlackCoin Crop Circle Project

Weeks ago I suggested in IRC that we make crop circles all over the world to promote Blackcoin. We tossed around how we could make it work, how much media coverage it could get, if we could even get farmers to let us destroy their crops in the name of Blackcoin… well, community. The time has come. We have to try this. I can no longer ignore the rising support for #BlackCoinCropCircles.

The BlackCoin Crop Circle Project

Though mysterious and apparently other-worldly, crop circles can be created very easily. A simple crop circle such as the BlackCoin logo could be created by 2-3 people in a matter of hours. Don’t believe me? Watch this YouTube video:

The only tools required are a large rope, wooden planks, and a surveyor’s tape. These items can be secured at Home Depot or likely any hardware store for ~$30 or less.

These are the steps we need to take to make this happen:

1) Find locations. My idea is to choose farms near helicopter coverage - IE: where news helicopters already fly every day for weather/traffic.
2) Contact farmers and ask them if we can create the greatest image ever to grace their land. We may be able to raise a small BlackCoin bounty for their trouble.
3) Contact media publications and see if we can get them to run a story about this.
4) Get teams together to actually make the crop circles. Teams of 2 would work, 3 or more is preferable.
5) Choose a Black night, and make as many simultaneous crop circles all over the world as possible! I WANT AT LEAST ONE ON EVERY CONTINENT.

These are the things we need:

1) Supplies for every crop circle team. $30 x number of crop circles.
2) If we have extra funding, we can sweeten the deal for the farmers and add a bounty to use their land. It may make it easier to find willing farmers.

5 Crop Circles, one for every continent. $150 goal
10 Crop Circles. Madness. $300 goal
20 Crop Circles. Can it be done? $600 goal

The BlackCoin community will always take crypto a step further. Let’s do this.

BTC: 1HdRrMvjXbr5XuWXCMfjoi874ruCBFeB2N

The BlackCoin Cropcircle Project will be organized on IRC, #blackcoinpool. Join in!

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