Blackcoin Supports DOGECON, First Coin to Ever Support a Conference


Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are known for their communities amazing support for charities, awareness, and positive events. Dogecoin, especially, has done an impressive amount of sponsorships, from sending the Jamaican Bobsled team to the Olympics to sponsoring a Nascar driver.

As a way of saying thank you to the Dogecoin community a completely different and younger digital currency started only 2 months ago, Blackcoin, has decided to support DOGECON SF, the first ever Dogecoin conference.

This is awesome! This is the first time, as far as we are aware, that a coin community has supported a conference (let alone a conference for a different coin!). We are so thrilled that two communities can be so supportive to one another.

So, how did this come about you may ask. How did a decentralized “coin community” support an event, let alone DOGECON SF? Through crowdfunding.

The Blackcoin community decided to show their support by pooling together enough Blackcoins to help DOGECON SF become a reality. This does not represent a centralized group of people but a massive amount of the Blackcoin community. It is exciting for us to see any coin become organized enough to do something like this.

We spoke to Soepkip from the Blackcoin Foundation:

We love the Doge community and the hard work they are doing on promoting crypto currencies in the real world. They have added thousands of new crypto believers and we at BlackCoin love to support their effort.

We hope the digital currency communities continue to support one another – after all, we’re just trying to make the world a better place, right?

P.S. We will be broadcasting all of DOGECON SF live on Ustream! Sign up below to get a notification when the event goes live :)

Check the stream here!

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