Back in Black!

The official Blackcoinpool is back online after some heavy DDOS attacks. is now protected with to prevent more DDOS attack.

Blackcoin pool is Back in Black after a massive DDoS attack!
Payouts will commence as usual starting at 12:00am EST with additional BC accounted for from previous mining period.
For those having issues reconnecting, you may need to flush your DNS in order to access the new pool. Please see the following.
Please Flush your DNS. How-to can be found here

An update from the developer gnu_user:

13:57 <@gnu_user> With all work/shares carried over from previous period
13:57 <@gnu_user> Tell everyone to continue mining
13:57 <@gnu_user> and payouts will commence at 12:00am EST
13:58 <@gnu_user> vect_: I’m going to update news on main site

Enjoy mining again!

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!