V2 is now available!

Finally it is released! The developers of the Blackcoinpool (LDG - Legion Development Group) have updated their servers to the new version of the Blackcoinpool.

It has been released now, after long weeks of waiting,  and just some minutes ago released their version 2 of the multipool.


>>>>>>> Check out the new here <<<<<<<

Some features version 2 will bring to the Blackcoinpool:

- Completely rewritten

Blackcoinpool is completely rewritten from the scratch. It is not a copy from any other pool, not like version 1 and not like any other MPOS pool. Due to this, the pool has 15% more mining hashrate!

Algorithm will now support mining Scrypt, Scrypt-n, SHA-256 and X11.

- Login 

Version 1 of the multipool did not had a decent login system where you can see your mining statistics(payouts, mining hash, graphics). With version 2 you will need to create an account, in this account you can setup workers for your mining rigs, but you can also see overall pool statistics or your personal statistics.

- Workers

As version 1 of the Blackcoinpool was a p2p-pool, version 2 will bring a worker system as you may know of MPOS.

- Black Shield

The Black Shield is a function that will place buy walls just some satoshi lower than the market price. This will prevent the market to crash. Because of this shield, it is safer for all of us to buy your Blackcoins.

Donate some of your mining time to help strenghten the Black Shield. The Black Shield helps protect your Blackcoin investment by setting up buy walls in case of a sudden market crash.  You can find more information on Black Shield here.

By default this function is disabled, but you can set a percentage from your mining you want to donate to this shield. This can be done on your account.

- Stats, stats, stats!

The pool has more stats than any other will have.

- Donate to the developers

This feature is default set to 5%, you can change this percentage to any percent you want. The donated hash will be given to the developers.

Don’t forget to mine with all your hashes you got, since the KNC promotion is already started! Lottery tickets will be given away as soon as the pool reached 10 GH/s.

Last thing i want to say, thank you ST.GNU and TheDogeOfWallstreet a.k.a. LDG for creating this pool. We are really looking forward to what version 2 of the pool will bring us, and the community!



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