V2 — “Hello world!” now steady, stable and humming along.


Well guys, it’s been a pretty epic journey so far, we’ve had our ups, and our downs, but I am proud to be telling you today, that we have launched the second version of the BlackCoinPool.Com (if you’re a returning visitor, this would be evidenced by all the swanky new layout.) Everything is new and custom written for the pool. Many changes have been coded on the backend as well, and have been in extensive testing for the last week.

V2, what this means for you (the miner) — A much more optimized and streamlined pool. Resembling a traditional pool, you will now be required to register an account and set up workers. This is done to optimize the vardiff for each individual worker, so that a 1M/hash rig is not trying to do the work size of a 10M/hash rig. You should also notice overall improvement in hashing rate, as we have tweaked and tweaked and made some interesting changes with VarDiff — internal tests showed an increase of 10-15% in hash rate (we will see how this scales live, but current indication are that it seems to be doing well.) Our new split mining solution is now also in place, and will intelligently distribute hashing power to coins to optimize the retrieval of blocks with out saturating the network and running in to an issue of diminishing returns. This is still experimental, but we have tested it extensively internally, and with the community, however we will continue to tweak it in the coming week to fine tune the engine.

V2, what this means for you (the everybody else) — with V2 implemented, we turn our attention to “The Black Shield” — as some of you very astute people may have noticed, there are now sliders available that will let you donate hashing power or BTC/BC directly to the BlackShield (currently the BlackShield slider has been disabled until it is properly implemented.) We are in talks with exchanges to implement this in the most transparent and open fashion we possibly can. We are now assessing the logistics, and have begun development on the technological infrastructure for it as well. Stay tuned for more information regarding this project, as it will soon become a large focus of the community as well as the development team.

We are very excited with what V2 has in store for us and the BlackCoin community, and we are still commited just as ever to bringing you a better constantly evolving platform.

Cheers and all the best,


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