V2 is now up again, they are running a completely overhauled backend. But you can still use the same address same ports.



Stats for main site are not up yet, but we have a temporary stat page here
We are working on a complete Frontend overhaul but it will take some time, a few days but it’s already starting to come together.

Hey guys,
As you know we had to take the pool down recently due to security audits that needed to be performed. It was at that time we also decided that our old platform was just not cutting it anymore.

So we have decided to roll out our V2.0 backend. It’s been running for almost 20 hours now, and it’s been stable, as well as a lot easier for us to deal with, manage and administrate.

It will take us some time before stats/my miner page will be showing, the mean time you can visit to see the overall pool stats. User stats will soon follow, but will take some time, as this is a complete overhaul. This is just merely a stop gap solution until we get our full frontend up and running.

As you may have noticed, we are now mining using a Split Mining solution, this lets us split up our hashrate with out overwhelming a coin. You can keep track of how we split up our hashrate, as well as how many blocks we find per coin.

The new Frontend will be rolled out piece by piece, over the course of several days. This will let us also begin implementing our Black Shield solution, which requires the new Frontend and Backend to work.



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