Calling All Innovators - Seeking talented developer

BlackCoin is seeking to increase the depth of their talented developer pool

BlackCoin has, at its helm, one of the best coin developers in the digital currency market. Over the past few months, he has provided unprecedented security and transparency to the digital currency world. Thanks to him, and his passion for both software innovation and sound economic principles, BlackCoin is one of the strongest coins on the market today. However, with the community and market cap growing exponentially, BlackCoin is now seeking your help to continue pushing the limits of innovation and development.

The original BlackCoin developer remains as committed as he ever has been. He continues to work exceedingly long hours on a daily basis to uphold BlackCoin’s stature as one of the best developed coins on the market. The BlackCoin code repository on Github consists of over 3200 commits. There are few coins that can claim such an impressive amount of constant and consistent developer support ( Moreover, his enthusiasm for digital currencies in general is quite well known, and he is well respected throughout the development community. Coders from other coins have come to him for guidance on more than one occasion, and digital currency communities seek comfort in his support of their projects and ideas.

To speed up our delivery of quality innovations, we are looking to add passionate engineers to the core development team. If you possess a keen mind, with experience in C++, cryptography, and the digital currency world, please reach out to us and get the conversation started. We look forward to sharing our dedication and passion with you…

Please connect with us at: [email protected]

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!