Paving the way forward: Introduction to the new head of the BlackCoin Foundation


Hi, I’m Michael Morris and I am the Executive & Business Development Director for the BlackCoin Foundation. I started learning about digital currencies a year and a half ago but didn’t get serious about them until the middle of last year. Since then, I have applied my knowledge of computing and business experience spanning 38 years to learning more and developing businesses in the burgeoning digital currency space.

It was this experience and calm I brought to the table when BlackCoin was vulnerable to misinformation and people were concerned for their investments across all sectors, that has allowed the Foundation to create a path for itself. With many hours of talks and ideas we, the various Directors, have worked together to arrive at this point. My objective was to create an Organisation that can help all those that have an interest in BlackCoin, help themselves; enrich not only their lives but that of their friends and local communities and businesses by the use of digital currency.

Having been present at the end of one chapter in BlackCoins history, when the original Multipool developer handed over the reins to the current developers, Legion Development Group, to being part of the excitement and enthusiasm and investment in making BlackCoin a high street item with the arrival of BlackCoin on Coinkite, I have worked to create and cement bonds with other people in the digital currency world and make sure they know the name BlackCoin. Media and Supplier interest abounds with many holding BlackCoin themselves, eagerly waiting for the next step.

We are on the cusp of a new digital revolution equal to the creation of the Internet. Taking the network to a new level of functionality, digital currencies are here to stay. Innovative people and ideas will take the lead in this exciting new field of global commerce. International economies will learn to work with digital currencies in wholly new and exciting ways and it’s up to us to help them get there.

I currently run a company that is bringing Coinkite terminals to the UK and that has created an exciting new social project implementing digital currency ecosystem across an entire city in one go. We will be looking to bring BlackCoin to the fore in this experiment due to its accessibility on the Coinkite platform.

We have, as a Community, come a long way in a short time. We have seen price rises and falls and others come and go. BlackCoin is still here and has some remarkable milestones under its belt already. Time appears to pass so quickly some days and not so on others. Things are forgotten and there’s always a rush to find something new before the dust has settled. BlackCoin has withstood many of these perils and remains a beacon and a leader within the landscape of digital currency.

I have had the luxury of leading a group of people who work tirelessly to achieve their goals and play their part in the BlackCoin space. They are all in their own right Leaders and as such I have been confident in their abilities to “run the show”. While they are all busy in their fields, I contact and talk to businesses who are interested in being part of the BlackCoin ecosystem as well as encouraging others to put us on their platforms. When we all come together we share our knowledge and experiences, discuss the concerns of the Community and Business and work towards solutions that satisfy the core values we have. We don’t always agree, but we have always found a way to deliver the right answer.

The Foundation was created to provide a point of reference for people to work together, network and achieve objectives and maximise their investments or realise creative visions.

Much of this so far has taken place “behind closed doors” and this status has caused us some criticism. We believed then and still do that a professional approach was required and some control needed to be applied to ensure that in uncertain times, stakeholders who were invested for the longer term could be reassured that the original promises of success were lived up to by the Community and Investors. Now however, those “doors” are being opened and you will now get the chance to become part of an Organisation that really does believe in its Technology and its Stakeholders large and small.

I’ve always been a believer that People buy People and with new technologies such as BlackCoin it’s vital we make sure that digital currency stays relevant and has a human face to it. It is by doing these simple things we can make the new wave of digital adoption one that we are an intrinsic part of.

A Brief Outline

The current incarnation of the BlackCoin Foundation was created by a like-minded group of people who all saw the need for a unified effort to maintain cohesion in the BlackCoin community but also for the various users and investors to see that their goal of digital currency growth could be realized in a professional way.

Early faces such as Soepkip and Doge are well known. The core board came together and began to decide on the best way forward to take the Foundation in the interests of all stakeholders. Every person on the Board is interested in BlackCoin’s success. Even now, we all recognize that the Foundation is growing and as we take on more and more members, associates and representatives it will get ever more important to maintain our values and ideology.

The Statement and Charter have been created as a starting point for the Foundation. They seek to provide a framework that any member can look to and be held accountable to. The nature of business is to be a moving target and digital currency is no exception. As such the Foundation attempts to be an agile and lean organisation, adapting itself to the needs of BlackCoin and its future development. As we go, things might need to be changed and we accept this to be part of the fabric of the Foundation as it develops and serves all its Constituents.

To date, members of the Foundation Board have networked regularly with all manner of people in the digital currency environment. They have been to world leading conferences and generated huge interest in BlackCoin throughout the International media, spreading the Brand and the Message that BlackCoin is here to stay, that BlackCoin is a part of the global economy. They have been instrumental in promoting the ideas and the technology to the wider public and business communities. The Foundation will make sure that not only the Industry knows what BlackCoin is, but that the wider world does so too. As we advance on this adventure together; The Foundation, the Community, Investors and Industry, the future really is on our hands.

The Way Forward…

By a method of membership, involvement and active support for community programs and events, the Foundation will grow to be the key resource for all those invested in BlackCoin in whatever form.

The Foundation will actively encourage membership, creating a network of like-minded people all working towards the same objectives and goals of BlackCoin success.

We recognise we are here because of the activities of so many diverse groups of people, all working hard to realise their investment or see their dream of BlackCoin being used in the mainstream and in return we will deliver those positive messages to the wider world and digital currency economy, championing the BlackCoin cause.

In continuing to develop relationships with Investors, Industry, vendors and consumers we aim to become an important voice within the growing International digital economies blossoming all over the world. With the contacts we have already made and those we are yet to, we shall deliver the message that digital currency is coming and BlackCoin is very much a part of that Revolution.

As a Community, the people around BlackCoin have shown they can work with the nascent digital currency industry with Coinkite being an obvious example. Other initiatives have also had great success and the Foundation has every confidence in the Community it works with that they will shine the light of BlackCoin just as brightly.

There are already Directories highlighting where BlackCoin is being used, be a part of that drive and make sure that if you do set up a business that takes BlackCoin, or you help a business to take it, that you get them listed right away.

If you have success in a business sector, tell people in other countries, help them get started!

The BlackCoin community has been developing for some time now and as such has seen many coins come and go. We are still here because we hold our belief that BlackCoin and its technologies and its people really are the best of all the Alternative digital currencies there are.

Michael “Vizique” Morris
May 22, 2014

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!