Community Interview: EcoChav


First of all, we are starting a new project: Community Interviews.  Community Interviews will be done weekly.

EcoChav is going to support our DailyBlackcoin team with BlackcoinTV. We want to know more about him and his motivation for Blackcoin. He will talk about his idea of BlackcoinTV and how he thinks about the future of Blackcoin.

Ralph: So where are you from and what do you do for a living?

EcoChav: I am from London (UK) I am a bit of a drifter at the moment work wise. My previous jobs were in eCommerce and Fundraising for charities. I raised funds for about 11 organisations including Greenpeace, Oxfam and Friends of the Earth and at one point was the Digital Communications Co-Ordinator for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (try saying that with your mouth full). Most recently I have been doing the odd website, building work and designing t-shirts (I co run a screen printing project in London). I am looking for something more permanent hopefully in the crypto ecosphere.

Ralph: How did you get into cryptos?

EcoChav: I have been hearing about Bitcoin for the past few years but never really looked into it until April last year. I bought my first Bitcoin and 20 Litecoins in August last year. I found out about other cryptos and exchanges and have been trading ever since. I got lucky with IFC and was even selling them on eBay at one point. The last few months trading have been not so good. I decided to dig a bit deeper into the communities behind the coins and find one to dig my teeth into. I hung out with the doge community which was amaizing, then in the POT community for a bit before discovering Blackcoin. It was the tech behind bc that got me interested and the community spirit that has kept me here for coming upto 2 months.

Ralph: What are you going to buy when Blackcoin gets to $1, $100 and $1000 respectively?

EcoChav: I don’t hold a huge amount like some people so no private jets for me but i’d go for the following: $1 a 5gh miner and Samuel L. Jacksons knife from Snakes on a Plane. $100 some serious mining gear. $1000 Buckingham Palace.

Ralph: What inspired you to launch BlackcoinTV?

EcoChav: I noticed Blackcoin didn’t really have a big YouTube presence. There are a few videos knocking about but none of them really introduced Blackcoin in a way that anyone could understand. I am a full on tech geek and its taken me months to get my head around cryptos. Its all well and good talking about the benefits of POS over POW and the technicals behind the coin but the average investor or merchant will find that really confusing. The idea was to keep it simple and appeal to people in a way they will understand, people are still trying to get their head around Bitcoin let alone Blackcoin.

Ralph: How did you come up with the script?

EcoChav: The script was community created from the get go. I posted an initial draft on Reddit and within an hour people were posting ideas and one member even completely re-worded what I had done. It was 10x better than the original so I put that up and from there we all kept chipping away at it. I couldn’t have done it without the community. In fact that experience of working together really did boost my confidence with the coin and community. Despite a lot of hostility going on in the forum we managed to really work as a team and produce something quite special.

Ralph: What inspired you to use the Ad Twins?

EcoChav: I don’t have the equipment to shoot videos myself so I turned to the internet to look for people offering professional video presentation services. I spent a few hours looking around and stumbled upon them. In their example videos I found my self paying attention to what they were saying and thought the quality was good enough. Funnily enough they were cheaper than the presenter I was initially going to go with. I knew it would be risky using them as we are trying to portray a professional image so I put it on Reddit and got the communities advice before going ahead. The response was largely positive so I decided to go ahead. I paid their fee, sent them the script and 72 hours later got it back. Then with the help of the community got a graphic together for the intro and did some post production and tweaked the green screen effects.

Ralph: So whats next for BlackcoinTV?

EcoChav: I have a secret video project that I am working on that should have a massive impact if I can pull it off, I am just waiting to hear back from some people I have selected to work with. I also want to create a weekly Blackcoin news program, something similar to Follow the Coin but solely focusing on Blackcoin. Lets face it we have an amazing hard working community so we will have no problem finding things to report about. I am currently searching for the perfect host or hosts for the show, we as a community have decided that they may not be best to use the Ad Twins long term. I think we might use them for a couple more videos but the news show will be hosted by someone else. I am working towards making our presence on YouTube as big as possible to reach out to as many potential investors as possible.

Ralph: I noticed you have recently been working in exchange for Blackcoin, please tell us more?

EcoChav: It is a labour job. I basically pulled up loads of carpet and moved furniture around in preparation for a massive house to be decorated. The client enjoyed paying me in Blackcoin and I did a great job so they have offered me more work. The next job will be to use an industrial sander to bring the 100+ year old floorboards back to their former glory. There is something quite special about breaking a sweat and working hard in exchange for cryptos.

Ralph: So what inspired you to accept Blackcoin as payment?

EcoChav: I believe that cryptos are the future of digital currency and not just not an investment opportunity. Merchant adoption is a vital key to the success of coins like Blackcoin but in order to spend them people need to have them in the first place. Yes people can buy them to use or exchange BTC for them, but in order for system to fully work I truly believe people need to start being paid in cryptos. For me that is the key. You have to have money to spend it right?

Ralph: So why Blackcoin and not Bitcoin?

EcoChav: I have used Bitcoin to buy goods in the physical world and online a few times. Its a fantastic idea and great to do but its a lot slower than BlackCoin, I am quite impatient when it comes to transferring money. Whenever I have sent or received Blackcoins it has taken seconds or a few minutes at most, Bitcoin anything from 10 minutes to a few hours. When I was paid for my first Blackcoin job they were sent to my wallet in less than 2 minutes. If that had been a direct bank transfer it could have taken up to 2 hours or 3-5 days as a cheque. I could have accepted PayPal but they charge quite a bit for transferring funds. The Blackcoin transaction fee was 0.001, a fraction of a penny.

Ralph: What do you plan on doing with all these Blackcoins?

EcoChav: I plan on using them in day to day life. I have already used some to buy postcards, the Blackcoin card, donated to the PR fund and tipped people who have contributed to Blackcoin projects I am working on. What I am really looking forward to though is using them out and about, paying for coffee, concert tickets and all the other things we use money for. As soon as merchants in London start adopting Blackcoin, I’ll be there ready to buy whatever they have. CoinKite could be the key to me spending my Blackcoins. When merchants that have their terminals start popping up in London I’ll order a debit card, load it up with Blackcoin and be there to buy their goods.

Ralph: Thank you for your time and effort, we are glad to have you aboard.

EcoChav: Thanks. :) It was a team effort and an absolute pleasure.


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