[IDEA] 5% extra payout on blackcoinpool.com

Post on Reddit.com:

Let’s donate a few blackcoins so our blackcoinpool can send extra blackcoins to the miners !

For a straight week ! :)

This could really work and rally a lot of miners to our pool. Just remember the ghash.io extra payout week.

My calculation tells me, that we need 500 Blackcoins per day for every Gigahash in our pool. Imagine the buy pressure and publicity if we reach >30 Ghash ! :D

What do you guys think of this idea ?

I think we could really gather a lot of miners to our pool, especially 1 week before our KNC Miner lottery starts ! :)

This is the official donation address: B4dm3jqp7sefJWBWdXHctkC4X45zikr8D2 :)

More information can be found in the original reddit.com thread:click here


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