Multipool Payouts 21-4

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07:48 @BLKDogeOfWallSt Okay guys
07:48 @BLKDogeOfWallSt You should have noticed that payouts just went out
07:48 @BLKDogeOfWallSt Or you should be noticing right about now
07:49 @BLKDogeOfWallSt You might notice they are a little smaller than usual
07:49 @BLKDogeOfWallSt One of the coins we were mining Netcoin - forked, and we were on the wrong side of it.
07:49 @BLKDogeOfWallSt We caught it eventually, when we noticed our coins werent populating in the exchanges, even though we were mining the hell out of it.
07:49 @BLKDogeOfWallSt We were dealing with a multitude of issues including 42coin which had 6 seperate forked chains yesterday
07:49 @BLKDogeOfWallSt of which we were thankfully on the right chain
07:50 @BLKDogeOfWallSt As well as flutters halving which was throwing profitability API off
07:50 @BLKDogeOfWallSt I will be creating a full write up with our blockhashes for Netcoin, in the interest of transparency
07:51 @BLKDogeOfWallSt Our profitability was around .004 today (probably a bit more now cause market is rising) it would have been around .0049-.005 if it wasnt for the forked Netcoin
07:51 @BLKDogeOfWallSt We had rebuilt the Netcoin client less than 20 hours ago, so it should have been on the right blockchain
07:51 @BLKDogeOfWallSt It is unclear as of yet if we were the cause of this, or if this was a problem with the coin
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07:52 @BLKDogeOfWallSt Either way the coin has been blacklisted from our rotation for now, and this should not affect tomorros payouts
07:52 @BLKDogeOfWallSt We apologize for the inconvenience, and are looking in to ways to mitigate this in the future, but unfortunately there is no central resource
07:52 @BLKDogeOfWallSt On official blockchains
07:52 @BLKDogeOfWallSt Theres no way of knowing which one oyou are on until it is too late
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  1. haeg

    April 21, 2014 at 14:09

    Well that happens when you mine POS shitcoins that are cheap: Forks.