Official Statement from Blackcoin Devs

Official statement from BlackCoin devs and holders:
For the past 55 days we have all been building on the next big thing, and a lot has happened. We went from a measly 500 sat price point to trading daily in a 40-50k range. Some people here seem to be nervous about manipulation by whales and other things, from ‘less progression’ and ‘attacks on BlackCoin’ as a whole.If you haven’t noticed yet. We are still here, we are working daily, a team of over ten persons, 16 hours a day, putting in a hell of an effort to get this coin beyond what it is currently, and with this team we have had many successes so far.We have support from actual investors, that have, besides investing in the coin itself, given upwards of 50,000$ in support to projects that have either been done already are ongoing and releasing in the future. In the past day ALONE we have been added to BitCoinWisdom, to BitcoinBazaar and to We are sponsoring DogeCON SF and working hard on getting our name out there in the world.

Those that are impatient and want the price pumped: Stop.
Stop it with the instant gratification you guys all seem to be after. If you really want to get ‘rich’ or get a good profit out of BlackCoin then you WILL have to support it. Tell your friends, tell your neighbours. Build a product for BlackCoin, start convincing merchants that they need to add Coinkite to their mix.

Things you can do to help BlackCoin:
- Find new holders, convince your friends to invest in BlackCoin
- Add buy support to the current price. If everyone here instead of pumping the coin, adds actual buy support, AND KEEPS IT THERE, you’ll see a lot more interesting things happening.
- Convince Merchants to accept BlackCoin, convince merchants to start using Coinkite
- Have patience.

A lot of things are coming in the near future:
- 2nd of May - KNC Miner give away starts
- Start of May - The first BlackCoinCard will be send out.
- The BlackCoin team will be visiting conferences all over the world
- Version 2 of the BlackCoinPool will launch.
- June 1st - Coinkite will add us.

We have a lot going on. Support us and help us build BlackCoin. You won’t regret it if you do.

Also: If you have questions about BlackCoin, the devs, or anything related. Come join us in #blackcoinpool. You can speak with me, maarx, gritt-n-auld about anything you wish. We are honest, transparant and want to make this the best damn coin out there.

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!