Project: BlackCoin Grassroots Adoption

Project: BlackCoin Grassroots Adoption
Tagline: Play the Sentiment

Let me start by asking:
How many of us would have liked to have had a friend with the foresight to tell us to buy a little bit of Bitcoin years ago? How many of your family members would have liked to have had someone convince them to buy even just ten dollars worth, only to find out recently that their investment is now worth thousands?

I’d say every single one of us and every single person we know that didn’t get into Bitcoin in the early days wishes we had a friend or family member that took it upon themselves to give us that opportunity.

If you knew about Bitcoin and its potential years ago…

  • Would you have convinced your mother to put five dollars in with the possibility that she might be able to buy everything she wants on Amazon someday?
  • Would you have convinced your father to buy $25 worth just for the sake of having a quality long-term investment?
  • Would you have told your uncle, who keeps hoping to win the jackpot by buying lottery tickets, to put a little bit of money into something with a real chance of massive returns?
  • Would you have convinced your friends to get in, however small, potentially changing their lives in the process?

I would have.

With BlackCoin, you have that chance. We have a high-profile “alt” in our hands which is only three months old and currently dirt cheap in comparison to its massive potential. We have a currency with monumental technical advantages over the de-facto standard. We have an amazing development team for both the coin and infrastructure, and a community that will never stop pushing forward.

How about spreading the word about BlackCoin?

Suggested way to help:
- “Hey, why don’t you buy a few BlackCoins?”

Make everyone a small holder. Use your network (facebook, Twitter, neighbours). Appeal to your friends, your family and your acquantainces. Help them buy coins from the market, make it easy. Suggest them to invest a little bit of money. Play to BlackCoin’s potential and play to Bitcoin’s success.

Help them install the wallets, do the Mintpal/Cryptsy trade for them, direct them to the webwallet service that recently added us, or hold their funds until the first of June, when we will have been added to Coinkite.

Thousand of $5 investments are worth more than one $5000 investment. Remember that.

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!