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  • Community Interview: Auspex-NL

    Community Interview: Auspex-NL

    Recently a new Blackcoin website has been released. we contacted the developer Auspex-NL. He is main developer of the new betting website for the FIFA World Cup tournament, You can read his thoughts about Blackcoin and the future plans for the website in this interview. Ralph: Hello Auspex-NL, can you please introduce yourself for those

  • Community Interview: Vizique

    Community Interview: Vizique

    I was fortunate  enough to have Vizique answer a few questions about his role in the Blackcoin Foundation and what he does to bring Blackcoin to into wider adoption.   Thank you Vizique for taking the time to do this and the effort you put in everyday to build BC’s reputation on a professional level. GeekGrind: Thanks for taking the

  • Community Interview: Soepkip

    Community Interview: Soepkip

    First of all, this interview has been done by Reddit/IRC  member GeekGrind. Thank you for the interview with Soepkip and the effort you have put into it! In this interview, you can read Soepkips experiences as Community Manager in the beginning of Blackcoin. You can read why he is doing his very best to make

  • Community Interview: Wurlitzer

    Community Interview: Wurlitzer

    The next community member we had a interview with is Wurlitzer. Wurlitzer is doing a lot of work for Blackcoin the last weeks and we wanted to know more about him. You can read an interview with him about what projects he is doing. Ralph: So where are you from? Wurlitzer: I am from Germany, born