Community Interview: Wurlitzer


The next community member we had a interview with is Wurlitzer. Wurlitzer is doing a lot of work for Blackcoin the last weeks and we wanted to know more about him. You can read an interview with him about what projects he is doing.

Ralph: So where are you from?

Wurlitzer: I am from Germany, born in a cute & tiny wine village in “de Pfalz“ region. I am located right in the middle of huge wine fields and vineyards. My second home is Jamaica. Thanks to my parents and their great passion about reggae music and the Jamaican culture, I have been able to learn much about the “Jamaican way of life” from early on. I visited this tough but lovely island in every important period of my development as a human being. I learned some of the most valuable lessons in terms of “how to think about life“, some I would like to share if you don’t mind…

Ralph: Sure, go ahead lets hear it.

Wurlitzer: Every day is a gift. We are blessed to be alive. So let us celebrate every single day as if it was our first and our last. Do not fear or worry. Never regret - learn instead.  Always predict the best outcome that you can possibly imagine. It is a fact that optimists perform better statistically. Hate is an unhealthy poison. A grateful appreciation of things comes with great joy and pleasure. Life is a beautiful and exciting journey, a thrilled ride through ups and downs.

fun fact: Most Jamaicans are poor as hell and yet they have at least 10 different ways to communicate through laughing.

Ralph: What do you do for a living?

Wurlitzer: I do what I love, everything else is a waste of time. I am running a business focused on advertising, new media, marketing and public relations. Also I love to network. The internet is a blessing for humanity in terms of information, unity and freedom which I am glad to be part of.

Besides my great interest in free media, the internet and digital currencies I have truly great passion for Music. I love to listen to music, dance to music and DJ music. I also organize and host parties and manage traveling events to festivals. Recently I started to produce music with Ableton Live (great software). By the way: Wurlitzer is an old german Jukebox so my chosen crypto world username describes me as a coin loving music machine.

Ralph: Are your customers able to pay you in BlackCoins?

Wurlitzer: Absolutely. For every service I would rather take Ⓑ or ฿ than that silly and worthless play money € and $.  When I go to the ATM and take it out it feels dirty and fake. I am thinking about not paying taxes anymore, unless they accept hemp, gold or coins.  If it catches on it will cause a revolution.  It is not a well known fact but hemp was once used as a currency,it was traded and taxes even were paid with it.

Ralph: Ok can you tell us something more about how you got into CryptoCurrencies?

Wurlitzer:  Blockchain technology is a groundbreaking solution to a major financial problem. Many people are not even aware of the great money scam that they are a victim of.  It is great to see people finally realising the problem by looking at the the solution.  When I first researched banks and found out how the fractional reserve system works I was shocked and astonished.  How did they manage to keep up all their ethical crimes and lies for so long without anybody noticing?  It started to bother me that there is a handful of greedy elitists who are controlling the masses using fake money and manipulative media.  Soon enough I suffered from a minor depression.  Almost instantly all my anger and the negative energy got transformed completely into a great passion and motivation once I found out about cryptos. Now I am proud to be part of this noble mission which is nothing less than a bold step in humanitys movement towards financial freedom. I inform friends about the evil systems that are well hidden behind daily routines. Everyone has to know about such things like fractional reserve banking, the federal reserve act and the bilderbergers.  Cryptocoins are a great gift and they are here to stay, no doubt about it.  Its the powerful tool to free the financially enslaved yet still sleeping masses.  Let’s wake them up and tell them the good news. A slightly rephrased quote from Henry Ford pretty much nails it:

“If people would understand our banking and monetary system, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Ralph: When did you discover BlackCoin and what attracted you to it?

Wurlitzer: I am a great fan of quality products and always want the best thing possible for the given budget. When investing in crypto currencies you have to do your research. There is a lot of scamming going on , much like in the traditional fiat banking industry.  So get to know your coins. The more I learned about BlackCoin the more I fell in love and got involved. Here is my quick roundup for those who are not involved yet:

BlackCoin is faster, more secure and much better for the environment than most of the other coins out there.  It has a very strong development team and a hard working global community that never sleeps (literally).

Add this up and you have a solid coin. For new people reading this please don’t take only my word for it.  Go ahead and do some research, feel the energy and progress on reddit, the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels and the forums.  If you have some ideas, get involved.  It’s ten times more fun than just sitting there looking at charts.  I bought my first couple of precious BlackCoins at poloniex a couple weeks before we were listed on mintpal and cryptsy.  From this point on I kept buying, holding and hoarding. Except for a panic sell in the early days - which at least turned out to be a great lesson: Trading and emotions don’t fit together.  I also followed BlackCoin through quite some dramatic but entertaining chapters.  The really recognizable thing about all that fud (fear, uncertainty and doubt), the trolls and other challenges, is that it brought us closer together and made us a much stronger and confident community. For every little bad news there are ten good.  I am dumping fiat regularly because I feel safer in crypto.  A closer look at Blackcoin will show huge motivation and progress towards the greater goal of mass adoption.  1 BlackCoin = 1 Lambo (inside joke).

Ralph: What projects are you currently working on?

Wurlitzer: Like many others in the community I pick up things that I think are missing or help with other projects if I can. There is always something exciting to do. If you are in BlackCoin you will never be bored again. Everyone brings their special skills to the table, thats one of the numerous awesome things I admire this community for.

When I was invited to the beta testing of “The Black Road” ( I wondered what I could offer to sell that would be popular with other BlackCoiners and that BlackCoin would benefit from in a larger picture. There seemed to be a gap in the market with a lack of BlackCoin promotional items.  We decided to develop the BLKbox (  The BLKbox is a set of BlackCoin merchandise that contains buttons, stickers, postcards, a magnet and more.  Everything is BlackCoin branded.  We are also working on “fiatless“ implementation of the famous and well designed woo-commerce plugin for wordpress. The goal is to enable people to easily open a web shop without any connection to fiat currencies.  Whenever I have time I am in the IRC channels having fun and supporting people.  At the moment I am also working on a bot which posts recent news from our websites to our IRC channels. Also the bot will soon be able to help beginners understand some of the basic crypto terminology.  People will be able to get a summary of words they don’t understand by typing in commands, like a dictionary for CryptoSlang.  I am working on the german translation of the ““ mapped directory, too.

The next project is always right around the corner.  Since people seem to want more audiovisual broadcasts I would like to initiate something like “BlackCoinHangouts” where all the latest topics can be addressed and the recent progress can be shared. It could also be a good way for more community members to make their point and show faces. We are BlackCoin.

With BlackCoin there are new projects and innovations almost every single day. Everybody in the community is constantly striving to make BlackCoin a user friendly experience with more and more awesome features. And to all the people that are invested - get involved.

Ralph: Thank you for this interview, we hope you enjoy your future projects for Blackcoin!

Wurlitzer: Thank you Ralph for choosing me as your guest in this community Interview - it was a pleasure as it was an honor.


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