This week! FREE BlackCoin!! Coinkite Debit Cards & Vouchers with BlackCoin on.


Vizique is giving away Blackcoin vouchers for Coinkite:

Over the course of the next week I will be giving away BlackCoin on Coinkite Vouchers and Debit Cards!

To claim these vouchers all you will need to do is open a Coinkite account from here…

Create an account and redeem the voucher codes I will be posting up.

I will also be giving away 20 Coinkite cards to lucky winners of Vouchers as well!! So that a lot of vouchers to give away Starting Wednesday and ending on Sunday there will be 4 lucky winners a day, chosen at random from the lucky voucher winners. So keep those codes handy as you’ll need them to claim the Coinkite card!

Where does all this happen? On the BlackCoin reddit thread and twitter @vizique. I will publish simultaneously

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!