BlackCoin Gold Bars – now USD 52.98 inc. shipping

Limited Time Offer!

You can now have 999.9 Fine 24K BlackCoin gold bars at USD 52.98 including shipping! That’s the best offer since we start producing BlackCoin gold bars. All you have to do is to purchase 2 pieces of 1 gram BC gold bars and join Facebook promotionwhich is extended to 15th of June. When you add 2x BC gold bars to your cart, your total will be USD 109.98 + 5.98 = USD 115.96 including shipping.

Use Facebook Promotion on BlackCoin gold bars

Like us on Facebook and send us a message (via Facebook or email) to get your coupon code worth of USD 10. Your total will be USD 105.96 (USD 52.98 for 1 g) and you will save 12% for each BlackCoin gold bar.

Note that you can use any of the 11 coins that we currently accept when purchasing BlackCoin gold bars. Moreover, this promotion is valid for any orders worth of USD 100 or more!

Enjoy shopping at Coaex!

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!
One comment
  1. trippinleopard

    May 30, 2014 at 04:10

    just wondering, how exactly is this a blackcoin gold bar, is it just the packaging that has a BLK logo on it? lol