Blackcoin T-Shirts

Welcome BlackCoin Community.

My name is SSRC. I have been an active supporter of this coin for quite some time. Im in IRC everyday and I hear all the amazing ideas community members have come up with to boost our coin and our community. So I thought to myself what it something that I can do to help? The answer…..BlackCoin T-Shirts!!!! But I didnt stop there….All proceeds from this campaign will be put directly to either africanos ASIC share program to support the multipool and/or my own ASIC contribution! So not only do you get a shirt to sport our coin but you are assisting in boosting the price and power of BlackCoin!

*The only thing I wish we could do that would be the icing on the cake would be to purchase these shirts with BlackCoin, so I call upon the community to petition into crypto-acceptance. I sure will!

Please contact the organizer with any questions.

If you want to buy an awesome T-Shirt? Visit the website! Click Here

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My name is Ralph. I am founder of The reason why i started with this website is because i wanted to create a news portal where people come every day such as Wallstreet Journal.