BlackCoin Pool KNC Titan Promotional Giveaway, Extravaganza!


Are you looking to make all of your cryptocurrency friends green with envy? Wife refusing to let you spend $10k on another one of your ‘toys’? Like to have the most up-to-date, latest and greatest technology and you won’t take ‘No’for an answer? Well, that settles it. The first major BlackCoin Community Incentive is here and we want you to be a part of it. The time has finally come and after much anticipation the KNC Titan Miner promotional giveaway is here and it ends on July the 4th 2014. The winner will be announced during the following broadcast of the The BlackCast.

Not familiar with the KNC Promotional Giveaway? Let us explain.

This 28nm chip is designed to be a beast for some awesome Scrypt mining. We’re looking at 300M/Hs of unadulterated KNC Titan hashing goodness. Luckily for us at the BlackCoin Pool, there are many other different algorithms for miners to sink their teeth into if Scrypt is not their particular cup of tea. This is just one type of miner that you can utilize through the BlackCoinPool ( using your own personal rig; SHA-256, Scrypt-N, and the newly added X11 are all viable options for your toys. We will preorder the machine (just for you, you lucky dog) when you win, and you will get this puppy as soon as KNC can start shipping these bad boys to people’s doorsteps. The only thing standing between you and crypto hashing heaven is a decent PSU, and that is a holy gate worth penetrating.

But how do you win? The lucky winner of the KNC Titan is going to be decided via a ticket system that is going to be tracked uniquely to your efforts via your Address/Account/Individual IP Address.

Here’s how it works:

For Scrypt:

  • 250 KH/s –5 MH/s = 1 Ticket
  • 5 MH/s –10 MH/s = 2 Tickets
  • 10 MH/s and above = 3 Tickets


All other protocols will be converted to their equivalent Scrypt Hashrate for appropriate judging, see the conversion tables below. Total Scrypt Power is all the protocols taken with their conversion rates, as listed below. Conversion rates: X11: / 3 = Scrypt. Scrypt-N: x 2 = Scrypt. SHA256: 8.5 TH = 100 MH/s Scrypt. -The pool has to reach at least 15 days of 10 GH/s for this promotion to happen. (First week of the promotion 5GH is the requirement, until usage ramps up) -You can mix mine on the same Address/Account/IP as well. So, I.E, 7MH/s X11 + 3 MH/s Scrypt would result in a total of 5.33 MH/s Scrypt and you’d get two tickets for that.

If only mining specific protocols:

For SHA-256:

  • 25 GH/s –500 GH/s = 1 Ticket
  • 500 GH/s –2 TH/s = 2 Tickets
  • 2 TH/s and above = 3 Tickets


For X11:

  • 750 KH/s –15 MH/s = 1 Ticket
  • 15 MH/s –30 MH/s = 2 Tickets
  • 30 MH/s and above = 3 Tickets


For Scrypt-N:

  • 125 KH/s –2.5 MH/s = 1 Ticket
  • 2.5 MH/s –5 MH/s = 2 Tickets
  • 5 MH/s and above = 3 Tickets


Are you ready to dedicate your hashing power towards making the BlackCoin ecosystem even better? Want to earn some BlackCoin while you’re at it? Let’s do this, together. Big things are brewing for miners and investor alike here at the BlackCoin Pool, as well as for BlackCoin overall. Come join a burgeoning community as we grow our namesake in the crypto currency history book. Here in the BlackCoin community, community focus and innovation are our top priorities. Join us on this adventure, today at

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