Hello BlackCoin world! Today we come with a new version of the BlackCoin wallet. No, it’s not the PoS 2.0 update you guys all want but we did add a lot of fixes and updates to the wallet.

First one is actual QR codes within the wallet. When you go to the Receive window you can now generate QR codes for your addresses and actually use them to request payments.

Next one, for those that use the rpcssl feature: We have updated to the next OpenSSL feature as the news broke yesterday that there were problems with OpenSSL once again.

We also added a lot of bug fixes and one of the huge ones is of course the ‘crash at first launch’ bug. It should be fixed now so please check it out.

Do note that updating to 1.0.7 will require you to re-download the whole blockchain.

Changes in 1.0.7

    • This update will re-download blockchain


    • Fixed crash at first launch


    • Fixed rescan on importprivkey


    • Fixed start after using -salvagewallet on encrypted wallet


    • Fixed calculation of unconfirmed balance


    • Fixed periodical GUI lag during sync


    • Removed option to build without ipv6 support


    • OP_RETURN (without data) transaction outputs got standard type


    • Updated leveldb to 1.17 It should be more robust against corruptions


    • Updated openssl to 1.0.1.h Important if you are using option -rpcssl


    • Updated translations


Click here for the Windows Wallet

Click here for the Linux Wallet

Click here for the Mac Wallet

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