Technical Analysis by buy-black

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 3

    TESTING 47 RESISTANCE AND 45K SUPPORT There has not been enough consolidation to break the 47K resistance  the volume of the last attempt did not confirm a breakout.  The last attempt was a 100 BTC try but again it fell short of my suggested volume of 200 BTC. A new support floor is forming around

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 2

    TESTING 40K SUPPORT The sellers are cashing in at higher prices and as a result they have taken their sales to the limit of the previous support floor of 40K. A short term double bottom has formed confirming the buying strength. See here for double bottom and double top explanations. Here is the chart

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 1

    EXCELLENT UPWARD MOMENTUM! As expected the 40K break finally came with a strong push upward (while I slept like a baby). The confirmation of this break came in with excellent volume 277 + 479 = 756 BTC which was enough momentum to take us to 47K and to establish a new support floor. The next

  • Is Black Coin Ready to Pop?

    Is Black Coin Ready to Pop?

    ARE YOU PANIC SELLING?? STOP FOR A SECOND AND READ THIS. I am posting this to advise SINCE the next possible move (up or down) is coming and this depends on us! There has been constant buying pressure for three days and have now reached a point where Black Coin is going to make a