As expected the 40K break finally came with a strong push upward (while I slept like a baby). The confirmation of this break came in with excellent volume 277 + 479 = 756 BTC which was enough momentum to take us to 47K and to establish a new support floor.

The next move up will depend on the strength of the buyers versus the sellers. We need for all participants to wake up and face the new reality. Here is the current BULLS vs BEARS positions as shown on the Mintpal order book:

The sellers have a stronger position (not by much) than the buyers so at the moment there is not going to be any further gains until more people bet on black. We are looking at buyers with 117 BTC support wall and sellers with 123 BTC resistance wall.

It is important to hold and strengthen of these gains before any attempts are made for the next push up. Of course unless you have another 500 BTC ready for a coordinated attack at a time of day when enough people can continue to put support a wall behind the move.

Don’t forget about Black Shield participation as a coordinated effort by supporters to bring growth stability to Black Coin.

Congratulations to all that participated in this push and now we must work harder to attract more people that believe in long term goals for Black Coin.

Get to work and do your part.. I am doing mine!

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