• Crypto-currency eyes Cambodia with new terminals

    Crypto-currency eyes Cambodia with new terminals

    Written by Eddie Morton CaMBODIa is proving to be an attractive target for crypto-currencies, with one of the most recently established operators of virtual money declaring their intention to rollout terminals in Phnom Penh this year. Officials of the foundation that founded Blackcoin, a digital-currency formed in February by a Russian developer named rat4, say they have secured the purchase of two

  • Sign to get Blackcoin accepted on

    Sign to get Blackcoin accepted on

    Prom the original post on Hi, Would you please consider adding Blackcoin to your exchange? It is quite different from most coins being pure PoS, which is more environmental friendly than PoW. Furthermore it has a very active and quickly growing community and a large and competent dev team. It usually has one of

  • [IDEA] 5% extra payout on

    [IDEA] 5% extra payout on

    Post on Let’s donate a few blackcoins so our blackcoinpool can send extra blackcoins to the miners ! For a straight week ! This could really work and rally a lot of miners to our pool. Just remember the extra payout week. My calculation tells me, that we need 500 Blackcoins per day

  • Blackcoin video contest

    Blackcoin video contest

    The BlackCoin community is filled with some of the most creative people in crypto, and now we you will be rewarded for your creativity!!! Starting today we invite you to create a 30+ second video about BlackCoin. It can by anything you like, you decide!!! All entries must be entered by Friday May 2nd to qualify.

  • Blackcoin Supports DOGECON, First Coin to Ever Support a Conference

    Blackcoin Supports DOGECON, First Coin to Ever Support a Conference

    Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are known for their communities amazing support for charities, awareness, and positive events. Dogecoin, especially, has done an impressive amount of sponsorships, from sending the Jamaican Bobsled team to the Olympics to sponsoring a Nascar driver. As a way of saying thank you to the Dogecoin community a completely different and younger digital

  • Meet Blackcoin by Madbitcoins

    Meet Blackcoin by Madbitcoins video

    This week is #blackcoin week on the Youtube channel of MadBitcoins. Enjoy watching this video! Introducing the coin of the week — Blackcoin — Blackcoin is the #1 coin per volume on Cryptsy today with a volume of more than 451 Bitcoins. Looking at Blackcoin historical prices on Cryptsy, for a long time Blackcoin was



    BLACKCOIN NOW SUPPORTED ON BITTYLICIOUS April 20, 2014  JP Buntinx There are no days off when it comes to reporting interesting things happening to BlackCoin. Not even on this Easter evening.It’s also part of why I really love doing this, especially in between halves of a football game…But it’s worth it! The news broke earlier today stating Bittylicious,

  • How to get Blackcoins?

    How to get Blackcoins? video

    Blackcoin is a PoS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency like the infamous Bitcoin. Although you can’t mine it, you can use to mine other coins (Dogecoin etc.) and get paid in Blackcoin. Credits to Zack J for sharing this How-To with us!