Prisius Technical Forecast - Head and Shoulder 2

head and shoulder3

Hello Blackcoin Community !

Update: MACD crossed and SAR switched, moving average crossed, means Strong Buy. Wait for the correction.

Elliott wave does not appear to have pursued his way. Instead, we have a perfect scenario of head and shoulder.

head and shoulder3




First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of inattention, I dare to hope that you sold a 20k satoshi, which could reassure me.

Now let’s try to catch a new opportunity by observing the market reaction on the target at the end of the head and shoulder.


head and shoulder


It should now be a rebound in the Fibonacci retracement. Of course it may make false break.
In case it confirms a rebound.
Place an order with a stop loss just below the 0% fibonacci.





I have no time because I’m trying to focus on various project on Blackcoin.
I hope now to find the time to add posts regularly.


Thank you to all the community. Keep holding.


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One comment
  1. Dave

    June 18, 2014 at 07:12

    I just want to say thank you! Learning something new everyday! Keep up the amazing updates! :)