Prisius Technical Forecast - Elliott wave

elliott wave

Hello Blackcoin community.

I have seen no confirmation for the head and shoulder even if blackcoin has dropped.
In fibonacci we are still on the correction of the previous uptrend, also we have ended on the Elliott Wave.
It mean a trending on a new wave like the picture below.


With the lack of volatility, my oscillators are idling and it might be better to focus on chart for now.


My advice is that.

-Buy order at 22000 - 23000 satoshi
-Sell if it drop under 20k or HODL !!!

i will update new instructions on the next topic.


i hope Bitfinex will add BlackCoin into their exchange. I know how to setup powerful indicators. So please, take a look on this topic below.
Reddit Link
and, if you want, add a reply on CryptoDabbler’s Twitter or send an email to Bitfinex.

Thank you to all.

Meet black !

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