head and shoulder

Hello blackcoin community !

Update: it look scary now, and progress in a H&S pattern, even with the wall street news…

I have something important to tell you. But first, back to where we were.

Previously I recommend to invest in support for 26k satoshi. It resist very well and seems to continue as a violent movement just break it, and those who use this support to make profits on rebounds, congratulations.

For now, Blackcoin follows a new trend line. It is also creating a pattern known to the community of traders, the head and shoulder and i’m not talking about shampoo but this pattern below.


head and shoulder

Is not confirmed yet, we can follow his track on 6h timeframe.

Keep this new trend line as support as it does not break. Parabolic SAR is signal increase in 6H. MACD may soon cross. So long as the head and shoulder is not confirmed, we are in uptrend.


I will not dwell on macroeconomics as it has been upsets in recent days by different rumors. The volume also varied, and for this reason I will not broach the subject. also the 32k did nothing confirmed in the last 24 hours.

Hoping that you become rich, we will meet at the next chart will indicate a target of trading.
I love Blackcoin Beer :D


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