Send a twitter message with a hashtag and receive 10 Blackcoin!

Send the following twitter message with a hastag followed by at least a million users and receive 10 BC as a present!! (Limited to the first 200 Users)

Here is how you can get 10.000001 BlackCoin:

Step 1. Create your account by installing a wallet from or creating a paperwallet

Step 2. Print out a BlackCoin logo on a sheet of paper (for example: Click here ) and the following text and your public key as an image on it: “I love BlackCoin, the first PoS-only coin: no 51% attacks based on Hash-Power (one coin one vote, not one hash one vote), it is 700 times cheaper than Bitcoin (10 vs 7000 Million USD MarketCap in Bitcoin), 10 times faster and has no daily miner-dumping (like the close to 3600 Bitcoins which are mined each day and dumped to pay for electricity, in BlackCoin the supply is only increased by 1% in a year in interest for people who stake their coins)!!! Send me some!!”

Step 3. Take a picture with you holding this paper, in a way that it later can be read when posted to twitter. You can put Sunglasses on if you want to, but it should still be looking natural. Please smile!

Step 4. This photo has to be added to a message which contains a hashtag which has at least 1.000.000 followers. Here a list for possible choices: Twitter top followers

Step 5. The message should read for example with #instagram like this: “#instagram Take a look at #BlackCoin ! 10 times faster than Bitcoin, but 700 times cheaper! Suscribe to Reddit/r/Blackcoin !” - This twitter text can also be in your local language (chinese, spanish whatever, but it has to be this text)

Step 6. Reply to this post here with a link to your twitter message and your public BlackCoin address. I will respond to each individual post with a transaction id with a little more than ten BC (10.000001).

This voluntary present is limited to 2000 BlackCoin in total for the first 200 people who post their twitter message before 00:01 UTC 6/21/2014. This is only one present per person (that is why the photo is also so important, so please do not put a bag over your head ).

If BlackCoin Skyrockets to 20 USD I will still give 10 BC. Tell friends about this offer, so that the 200 fortunate people can get their BlackCoins.

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Blackcoin is my hobby, not sold one single coin since 24 februari 2014!
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