TheBlackDogeOfWallStreet update!

The developers of the did some updates to the gameplay and user interface of the website.

What is The Doge of Wall Street?

A speculation game. You compete against other players to get the highest payout by pumping the bubble and inflating the price until the timer runs out. At that point you better pray you’re not the Majority Stock Holder, because it’s a long and hard fall from the top.

Ofcourse, nobody wants to lose his money. But if you are playing the game when you are the only player on the website, you will lose your games and you will not return to the game. To prevent this, the developers have developed a feature, from now on it is visible how many people are playing the game.

They have changed the amount of trades, the game is now more user friendly(for small and big players). For big players they have added the Diamond Trade, which starts from 250BC.

Additional when a trade is ready or someone sends money to the bubble, the trade will light up. So you will be notified when a trade is ready to be  played again.


Last but not least they have added “Golden Parachute Pot” to every trade. The pot increases with each trade and is awarded to the most active trader when the timer ends.

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