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  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 23

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 23

    FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT - LAST BUYING OPPORTUNITIES OF CHEAP BC?   The typical highest profit entry point for Fibonacci Retracement is 61.8%.  That is where we are currently and maybe forming a new platform for launch! MACD has not significantly changed but it could if this is the bottom of the retracement. Asses your risk reward

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 22

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 22

    THE GOOD NEWS WE BROKE THE DOWNTREND - THE BAD NEWS UPTREND LOSING STEAM The market has managed to break out of the down trend that has trapped the price by pushy sellers for a long-losing week. The break out was done with 849 BTC, followed by a short consolidation and subsequent second attempt which

  • Blackcoin Mac Wallet 1.0.6

    Blackcoin Mac Wallet 1.0.6

    For those who are using Mac, update your wallet to the latest version 1.0.6 Changelog: -accounting api deprecated and disabled by default -new command getstakinginfo -fix command resendtx -new option alertnotify -new option synctime -added dns seeds, irc seeding disabled by default -unlock for staking only in gui -add menu item for locking wallet -gui:

  • Back in Black! Back in Black!

    The official Blackcoinpool is back online after some heavy DDOS attacks. is now protected with to prevent more DDOS attack. Blackcoin pool is Back in Black after a massive DDoS attack! Payouts will commence as usual starting at 12:00am EST with additional BC accounted for from previous mining period. For those having issues

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 21

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 21

    PLAYING THE BREAK OUT - FIBONACCI EXTENSIONS This is probably one of the most difficult things to execute properly. One thing we don’t want to do is cut our profit short so Fibonacci Extensions can help establish some common exit points. See Update 17 for more detailed instruction on Fibonacci Extensions First look at the

  • [IDEA] 5% extra payout on

    [IDEA] 5% extra payout on

    Post on Let’s donate a few blackcoins so our blackcoinpool can send extra blackcoins to the miners ! For a straight week ! This could really work and rally a lot of miners to our pool. Just remember the extra payout week. My calculation tells me, that we need 500 Blackcoins per day

  • Blackcoin Woodenwallet

    Blackcoin Woodenwallet

    The safest way to store your coins is to keep them away from computers. We customise for you an elegant and top-quality wooden card which contains all the information necessary to store and withdraw your coins safely. To order a Woodwallet you need to encrypt it with BIP38 or another technology. Free shipping worldwide included. UPS and

  • BlackCoin Card Shipping Next Week

    BlackCoin Card Shipping Next Week

    I am happy to announce the first batch of the BlackCoin cards will be shipping next week. In a few days those sexy BlackCoin cards will start showing up in your mailboxes. I will upload photos as soon as the batch arrives from the factory on Monday. I want to thank everyone who purchased the

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 20

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 20

    SUCCESSFUL DAY TRADE - READING THE MARKET Earlier today we had a nice buy signal generated from MACD change of the Down Trend (Update 19). Now lets look at what followed and how a nice daytrade should have been executed. Most people trying to day trade do not have the patience to wait for a

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 19

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 19

    NEW BOTTOM FORMING?  NOTHING SURE YET! Previous positive signs of bottom and good fundamentals were not enough to generate the required buying follow-through at the critical point break -out at 0% Fibonacci or 33K. This turned the all of the positive momentum previously accumulated to a negative momentum to 25K. Click on Image for Full